The Honest Truth about...My Travels | Monday Musings

The Honest Truth about...My Travels | Monday Musings

I travel...a lot. If you've been following me for any length of time you know that's true. In the past 18 months alone I've been to Africa twice, San Francisco, Arizona, New York (twice), Nashville, Lake Tahoe, Dallas, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and possibly more places that I'm forgetting right now. This year I've got trips to Slovenia, Reading (Pennsylvania), Maggie Valley (North Carolina), and more planned. Some of these are for weddings or business travel, but many are not.

Of course, most of you know that I am also not independently wealthy, despite the massive amount of traveling I'm able to do. So how is it that I'm able to go where my heart desires whenever I want? Here is The Honest Truth!

  • I don't need to stay in a fancy hotel. Beyond finding deals on tickets or anything else, this is my BIGGEST secret. I grew up overseas in a third-world country, so almost anything is comfortable to me! When Jackie and I visited New York we stayed at an AirBnb...but it was a private bedroom in someone's apartment! It would have been nicer but significantly more expensive to rent an entire place. I did carefully check reviews beforehand, and we ended up in an amazing place right near the heart of Manhattan for less than $100 per night on a holiday weekend.
  • I choose cheap travel. When I visited San Francisco I took a train ALL the way there (to be honest...I would NEVER do it again!) and slept in an upright seat for 3 days. I often use the Greyhound to get around on the East Coast because it's so affordable and I even prefer it to Amtrak! For flights, I have an amazing credit card that allows me to fly across the country at least once per year, so with all the domestic travel I've done I have yet to pay for a flight.
  • I don't spend much in other areas. Nathan and I have chosen to live in a small house so we can do different things with our money. Some people prioritize where they live, which is great! Instead, we choose to not eat out much and save on rent, which allows us to travel a good deal more than is normal for some people. We don't regret it a bit!
  • Some travel is, of course, for business. On my list, one trip to New York as well as my travels to Philadelphia, Nashville, Dallas, and Lake Tahoe were business expenses. For weddings, clients pay for travel and for conferences and other events, I budget for these out of my business account. I always tell couples I love to travel the United States (and of course the world!), so saying yes to destination weddings is an easy decision for me.

While I love traveling and the adventure of it all, this is my attempt to show that travel is a choice and not a luxury for us...and were we to view it differently I would be home a whole lot more! If you want to travel more and are looking for more specific tips, shoot me an email and let me know! I'd love to offer advice and encouragement for those of you who, like me, can't really afford to travel but want to do it anyways :) And that is The Honest Truth!

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