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The Best Alternative to Tieks for Wedding Professionals

Wedding professionals are constantly looking for the perfect shoe to take care of our poor, often-aching feet on wedding days. Wedding photographers, planners, caterers, floral designers...the list goes on, but most of us are on our feet for hours upon hours doing labor-intensive work! The next day we wake up with what we lovingly refer to as a 'wedding hangover' - exhaustion, elation, and feet and knees that hurt.

Last year was the year of Tieks, shoes which quickly became popular in the wedding industry. Not only do they claim comfort and support, they also look professional enough to wear during a wedding ceremony because if sneakers were an option, most of us would probably choose them! For me, there were two major problems with Tieks that prevented me from buying them.
1) They cost anywhere from $175-$300. Of course, I completely understand that good shoes are an investment. I buy one new pair of running shoes approximately every 9 months, and I don't choose the cheapest version out there for a reason! However, the cost of Tieks is higher than the cost of my running shoes that I adore, and I wasn't sure if I could justify it.
2) I've heard mixed reviews on the longevity of the shoes. This is the kicker for me. I could imagine spending a few hundred dollars on shoes if they would last a really long time...but I have heard from some people that they get worn down easily. An investment should be just that - in it for the long run - and I would be highly upset if my $250 shoes started falling apart after a few months!

The Best Alternative to Tieks for Wedding Professionals

In search of alternatives for Tieks that cost less and still have the comfort and support, I found what seemed like magic at first: Hush Puppies' Chaste Ballet Flats. I first stumbled across them when I went to the Williamsburg Outlet Mall, where there was one single pair left in my size in nude. I tried them on, wore them around the store, and fell in love. I got them on a steal, but even at full price I would only be paying $60.

Before I gushed about these shoes and bought more, though, I had to test them out for a full day. When I visited Dallas last month, one day involved setting up and tearing down for two different events, all in professional attire. They were perfect. I was on my feet from 6am to after 6pm straight, with only a little bit of a break in between. I was lifting heavy things, I photographed both events, and all day my feet and knees felt great. The next morning, when I woke up, I had no pain or tightness in my hips. I couldn't believe it - and promptly ordered another pair!

So far the only downside has been because of my own feet - one is a little bit bigger than the other, so the second pair I got rubbed my left heel a little. Once it's broken in this won't be a problem, and until then I'll just wear a bandage or something on the back of my foot to make sure I don't get blisters. Other than that, I'm beyond happy with my choice to refrain from buying Tieks - not only did I save at minimum over $100, I still found a shoes that perfectly fit my needs as a wedding professional. With shoes in over 30 different styles, I know I will continue to buy these for the future - and I'd encourage you to do the same!

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Note: this blog does contain affiliate links to the Hush Puppies, but even if you buy them elsewhere I would still recommend them hands down.

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