There are a lot of things I could say about how much I love weddings, the way I tear up during first looks, and how the favorite part of my 'job' is connecting with new and incredible people. While all these things are true, if you get to know the real me, you'll quickly learn that I speak fluent sarcasm and think that I'm the funny one in our marriage. I run daily but I can't say no to salt & vinegar chips or hot fudge sundaes. I will dance like a fool with a camera in my hand at your reception and I get overly excited before each wedding day.

Nathan is my husband of 6 years, my IT support, and the one who carries me to bed when I fall asleep reading on the couch. Together we eat as much sushi as our budget allows, watch reruns of old shows we still find hilarious, and spend time outside whenever we can.

After a 3-year adoption journey, in June we brought home our beautiful daughter Willow. Of all the adventures this has been our favorite one yet. Come follow along with our story!

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Our Story