He Loves Me to Nashville and Back | Monday Musings

He Loves Me to Nashville and Back | Monday Musings

What a lot of you see on my blog is the big things that happen in my life and business. What most of you don't get to see is most of the behind-the-scenes events that have to take place in order for the big stuff to run smoothly. A couple weeks ago I got the incredible opportunity to travel to Nashville for a gorgeous wedding...but what I didn't talk about was the logistics of actually getting there and back!

For this particular wedding Nathan and I chose to drive for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that I will only fly with my camera equipment when forced to do so. When I first booked the wedding we talked about making it into a long weekend and an extra little vacation to wrap up the year. However, things changed when Nathan got a new job just six weeks before the wedding was scheduled.

While he loves his new job, by December he had accrued a grand total of 8.5 vacation hours...which meant our long weekend in Nashville was not going to happen this time. In fact, it meant that we had to drive there and back in one weekend. With a 10-hour drive before us each way, we were beyond excited for the wedding but not as excited for the journey there and back!

So we did it. On Friday we left early and drove straight there, on Saturday we photographed an incredible wedding (that totally made the trip worthwhile!), and on Sunday we hopped back into the car and drove all the way back home. On the drive back I began to realize what an incredible sacrifice Nathan had made. While he is my second photographer sometimes and does whatever he can to help me, this is ultimately my business. He could have complained about the trip or taking his one vacation day to go photograph a wedding.

Instead, he made it into a fun time. We laughed and talked on the way, we ate Chipotle and sushi, and come Saturday he did an amazing job - as always. Sometimes our behind-the-scenes is messy and not so pretty, but this particular weekend showed me just how much Nathan cares about me. It showed me that, even when it's a one-weekend whirlwind trip, he loves me all the way to Nashville and back. And that's enough to celebrate any day.

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