My New Role at Tidewater & Tulle | Monday Musings

My New Role at Tidewater and Tulle | Monday Musings

I feel like I need to say, "welcome back" to myself! I just returned from a whirlwind 10-day trip to West Africa. I'll write plenty more on that later, but today I have a brief but exciting announcement to make.

One thing I have realized through photography is that I love more than just taking pictures. By writing on this blog and sharing my heart, I have seen how much I love writing. I kind of took it for granted that it came easily to me, but I know that one of the skills God has given me is writing in this little blogspace for the time being. I've been guilty of jealousy about the talents I see others possessing, but last year I learned that writing is one of mine. And I love it :)

In December, I reached out to my friend (and colleague in the wedding world) Chelsea of Tidewater and Tulle. I told her I was looking for a little something extra in the wedding community, and asked for her to send along any suggestions she might have to add to my repertoire for this year. Thankfully, it was perfect timing - she was looking for an editor, and I wanted to write. It really was meant to be.

So beginning in January, I became the wedding features editor for her online home. Tidewater and Tulle is a blog that helps engaged brides plan their weddings in Hampton Roads by offering tips, suggestions, and featuring real weddings, engagements, and styled shoots to inspire. One thing I really appreciate about this blog, and Chelsea in general, is the hometown focus. This blog is not for everyone getting married - it's for Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas, and I really love that. More than that, though, I really appreciate Chelsea's heart - she's not just looking for high end wedding features and a focus on glamorous details (although we do love those!), but she also looks for the story of a couple and tries to tell it to the best of her abilities.

I am so excited to be a part of the team. As far as what it looks like, I take the information submitted by photographers sending in their weddings and write a few paragraphs, as well as prepare the images for the blog posts. Click here to see my very first one - it's pretty exciting to see the post go live, and to be writing and doing more of what I love! Happy Monday, friends.

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