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My 30-Year-Old Bucket List

Turning 25 years old was very difficult for me due to a lot of external factors. When I turned 26 this year I felt much happier and more at peace with life (due in no small part to the amazing trip I took to celebrate). The single factor that has made me feel my adulthood and responsibility is, as can be expected, adopting a child. Having a little human that completely depends on me has made me grow up quicker than almost anything else apart from marriage.

I may be growing up, but I never want to grow old. There are some things I do now that I swore I never would, some things I dreaded that aren't so bad, and some things that make me feel downright grandma-like at the young age of 26. For awhile I was going to bed by 9pm since Willow woke up multiple times per night! Thankfully this time has passed, but the other day I was reminded again that even as I am growing older I never want to grow old.

In light of my desire to always stay young and acknowledge that I still have over three years left before I turn 30 - and many more wonderful years after that! - I decided to make a 30-year-old bucket list. So, without further ado, here are 15 big things I want to do before I say goodbye to my 20s!

1) Run a marathon.
2) Bet on a horse race.
3) Go to a NFL game.
4) Ride in a hot air balloon.
5) Eat something that's still alive.
6) Skydive.
7) Dye my hair, either partially a crazy color or all of it completely different.
8) Visit a new continent. (South America, Australia, or Antarctica!)
9) Learn how to cartwheel. I've never been able to - it's a little embarrassing!
10) See a Broadway show. Yep, I've been to New York three times and have never seen one.
11) Take a roadtrip with no destination in mind.
12) See a koala in real life.
13) Enter something into a food competition. Even if I don't win.
14) Help someone complete an item on their bucket list.
15) To be determined...any suggestions???

So tell me - what's on your bucket list? And what else should I add to mine? Here goes the next 3 years of adventures!

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