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You guys, I’m just flat out excited about this one! It may not seem like a big deal to some, but I’m really glad I can write this blog! At the same time, I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to be in our situation, whether through difficult circumstances or unavoidable situations. As much as this is a celebratory blog post, it’s not meant to be prideful – I just want to share what’s going on in our lives with you!

Nathan and I were incredibly blessed to both come out of college with no debt. We both had parents that made big sacrifices to allow us to earn a degree, and on my side I had taken a lot of classes in high school that allowed me to shorten my time in college so I didn’t extend past what was paid for. This is so rare, and I’m so thankful that we were able to buy a house right from the get-go.

We were also taught well by both sets of parents to spend and save wisely, and not go into debt for things we couldn’t afford. For this, I will be forever grateful. One thing we decided to do a few months after we got married was buy a new car. My car was on its last legs – the transmission was about to go, among a whole host of other problems – so it was time to make a purchase either way.

I was a little intimated by the idea of buying a BRAND NEW car, but after looking at some slightly used models, we realized we’d save money in the long run because we could get a much lower interest rate on a new car, and cars that are just a few years old aren’t usually that much cheaper anyways. So, we took the plunge on a Honda Accord, that I now drive all the time.

I’m glad we have the car, and would probably make the same choice if we had to do it all over again, but I hate having monthly payments on anything. I’m just not used to it! Of course I was prepared for utilities, but having a mortgage was a big deal to me…and then on top of it, a car payment?! We didn’t buy a fancy car or something we couldn’t afford, and even so, we were still tied down to a monthly payment for five long years.

Well…not anymore! A couple weeks ago, I paid off the car. And then I called Nathan and told him :) In all seriousness, we had talked about it, so I just did it. And it feels so good! Now the only monthly payment we have left is our mortgage, and we’re even trying to get rid of that, too.

Living debt free, when possible, is an amazing feeling for me, and for us. Thanks to parents who love us, and steady jobs, we are able to be well on our way. And that’s something to get excited about!

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Our personal journey to living debt free

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