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Today’s blog post is a quick one, but definitely helpful for anyone – even if you’re not a business owner! I remember when I first entered the wide world of Instagram, thinking it was just a cool photo filtering app. I had no idea it was a social network! Times have changed since then :)

I used to see people post non-square pictures all the time and think, “How in the world?!” I love the idea of a whole lot of neat little squares, but sometimes square cropping cuts off faces or even just a part of your picture that you didn’t want to leave out!

Solution? Squaready for Instagram! (A similar app for Android is SquareIt) Squaready allows you to take any picture of any size and make it fit into a square. Just click on the top left icon, add your picture, and use the buttons on the bottom to fit the whole picture into a square without cropping. You can use your fingers to zoom in or out, depending on how much of the picture you want.

Then just tap the top right icon and save it to your album, or upload it straight to Instagram. There’s your beautiful picture, cropped exactly how you want it, with no faces or body parts missing. Beautiful, right? :)

I hope this quick tip was helpful for you, no matter who you are!

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How to use Squaready for Instagram

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