I Refuse to be Busy | Monday Musings

I Refuse to be Busy | Monday Musings

I planned out this post awhile ago, but it's ironic that I'm writing it now. Truth be told, this is the busiest season I think I've been in since I started my business. It's wedding season galore in Virginia, engagement session season (that happened quickly!) and I have some other projects I'm working on as well for C&F Enterprises and a few other people. Additionally, a lot of my weddings and engagement sessions have been out of town so with travel I feel like I'm in a nonstop whirlwind of activity!

As ironic as it is, this post is also perfectly timed. Because I blog so much and share about my life, most of my friends immediately assume that my answer to "How are you doing?" is going to be "Busy!" And while this may be the truth right now, that is not how I will choose to answer their question. In fact, I am going to argue that this will never be my answer.

The truth is, I've learned a lot this year about work and rest. Last year was the year of imbalance. I worked all year long in an extremely unhealthy manner and went pretty much nonstop until I got sick. When we had a huge loss in January it put everything in perspective for me. I realized that if Joel had come home with us, I would not have been able to continue at the same pace - and that would have been totally ok. I probably couldn't blog 3x/week. I couldn't take on as many sessions in the midst of wedding season. I would have said no to more things - and it would have been fine.

I am in a busy season right now. That much is true. But here's why I'm choosing not to focus on the busyness...

  • I am ever so grateful that I am busy. Because you know what? If I wasn't busy it would be a whole lot worse. If I had no sessions or weddings I know I would feel discouraged and disheartened.
  • I have chosen to say yes to everything I'm doing. At the end of the day, if I'm completely overwhelmed and exhausted, it's my fault. I can't complain that I said yes to things, and if this is not the schedule I want to have next year then I can do something about it.
  • The busyness will end. It will be over soon. I have to push hard for a few weeks and then winter will come and while I have one more wedding in Nashville in December (yippee!) I know that life will slow down after mid-November.

So if you ask me how I am, my answer will be: Great! If you ask me if I'm busy I'll say yes I am...for now. It is a season, one that will end and give way to a season of slow living, of holidays and family time, and of creating a new schedule for that season. I refuse to be busy for longer than I have to and in that is a glorious sense of freedom...because that's what running this business is all about.

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