How We Fell in Love | Our Story

How We Fell in Love | Our Story

This could be both the longest and shortest blog I’ve ever written. The short version of our story is that when we started talking about marriage seriously, we took a day away from each other to pray about whether or not this was something God wanted. We both felt it was so several months later, Nathan asked me to marry him and I said yes.

The longer version, however, is what transpired over the months leading up to this point. It’s really more about how we fell in love and why we ever started talking about marriage in the first place.

We both took our relationship seriously from the get-go and knew that, if it all worked out, marriage was the eventual goal. Nathan did not share this with me until later, but he knew before we even started dating that he wanted to marry me. He had an epiphany during a conversation with his co-worker and started telling his friends and parents, many of whom thought he was crazy!

Over the months we were together, we grew closer together (as most relationships go) and got to know each other more. After a few early struggles, we began to dive deeper. There are distinctive points when we both knew we had fallen in love with each other. For Nathan, it was when we attended a dance together at Virginia Tech and had a blast – even though he had always hated dancing before.

I remember that night so clearly because that is when I realized I loved him, too. After the Midwinters dance we headed back to his apartment, where he showed me a secret project he had been working on. Since the day we started dating, he had kept what he called a compendium of everything about me – my favorite foods, TV shows, clothing stores, restaurants…you name it. All of my likes and dislikes where in there, along with a record of all the special things we had done together, complete with pictures. (By the way, he still keeps this up on a regular basis – and I love it!)

How We Fell in Love | Our Story

So it was that night we both knew we wanted to get married to each other, though we wouldn’t talk about it for a few more months. A week later, on my birthday (which happens to be Valentine’s Day), Nathan took me to the Roanoke Star, gave me a stuffed gorilla, and told me he loved me right before kissing me for the very first time.

And that, friends, is the long version of how we decided to get married. A few short months later the day came where we talked and prayed and decided the next step in our future together. Two months after that discussion is when he dropped down on one knee…but I will save that story for next week!

Each week I'm including some pictures of the first few years we were together. They aren't professional or perfect, but I cherish them so much, just looking back at the people we used to be.

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