How to Get the Best Engagement Photos in Hampton Roads

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Being engaged is one of the sweetest, most important times in your life. Never again will you be in the season of almost-but-not-yet in your relationship. It’s the promise of things to come and the joy of knowing what’s already behind you - the good, the difficult, and everything in between. Your engagement photos should reflect what is unique to you as a couple. They should show how you interact during both laughter and more serious times.

Because of this, planning your engagement photos, whether in Hampton Roads or somewhere entirely different, is so important! Making plans before you ever arrive at your engagement session is one of the best ways to ensure it will go smoothly and allow you to walk away with beautiful pictures to remember this season of your life forever.

To help you plan, here are a few of my top tips about how to get the best engagement photos in Hampton Roads!

Sunset Beach Engagement Photos at Virginia Beach

1) Choose a location that reflects your unique style.
There are places all over Hampton Roads to take your engagement photos (here are ten of my favorites!), so you should look for one that is perfect for you as a couple. Did you spend a lot of time on the beach together? Or are you more into hiking? Is a local downtown coffee shop your thing? Think about how your engagement pictures will speak to your relationship, and choose accordingly - or ask for help as you decide!

2) Plan outfits that flatter and complement.
Outfit planning has been a big source of anxiety for so many of my couples and families, but it doesn’t have to be! If you have a favorite outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful, either choose that or use it as a template for one like it. Your outfits should highlight what you think are your best areas, and you can choose more coverage if there are areas that make you feel self-conscious. Find one outfit that you would wear on a casual date, and one you would wear on a special anniversary date so you can have two distinct ‘looks,’ especially if you change from one location to another.

Of course, don’t forget to consider the season and what the temperature will be like that day.

Engagement Pictures at Trump Winery in Virginia

3) Find a professional hair and/or makeup artist.
I will preface with this: if you are great at making your hair and makeup look amazing, then you are the professional! But if, like me, you struggle with a curling iron and don’t know your way around makeup brushes well, then hiring someone will be a wonderful decision. Your engagement session is also an excuse to splurge a little, so if you want to feel your best, hair and makeup artists are worth their weight in gold. I have used Dhalia Edwards for my personal pictures in the past, but there are so many great hair and makeup artists in Hampton Roads that you can choose.

4) Look at engagement photos ahead of time so you know what to expect.
The purpose of this is not to compare yourself to another ‘perfect’ couple, but to look at some of the natural interactions that happen during engagement pictures. This will depend on each person and each photographer, so browse your photographer’s website for some recent engagement sessions. Your pictures should not look exactly like the ones you have already seen, but they will give you a good idea of what to expect as you are posing and interacting with each other.

5) Factor in some fun.
The absolute best way to ensure that you have amazing engagement photos is for both of you to be excited, happy, and relaxed. For some this isn’t a struggle, but others may need a little help! Plan a fun engagement session that works for both of you, and schedule a date afterwards that you’ve been wanting to go on for a long time. This will allow you to be ‘in the moment’ with your pictures more, and have something to look forward to at the end!

Regardless of where in Hampton Roads, Virginia, or anywhere else you are planning your engagement photos, these are some of the best ways to ensure that you have the happiest pictures from one of the best times of your life. After all, your smiles should show everyone that you can’t wait to be married!

Fun Beach Engagement Photos in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

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