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Date Night Ideas in Hampton and Newport News

To be honest, winter is my least favorite season. I love that it is punctuated by Christmas, New Years, and my birthday, because even though the days are so much shorter the months seem so much longer. I cannot tolerate the cold very well (knock on wood that I never move farther north than Virginia!) and I love being outside - two things which do not work in my favor during the winter!

That said, winter is also the perfect time to slow down and focus on your family - especially your significant other or spouse - and spend time with them. Now that I have lived in Hampton Roads for 6 years (time flies!) I've grown to know and love the area, and I've found so many things to do on a date night. So even if you're mostly inside watching Netflix re-runs, here are some great ideas for date nights in Hampton and Newport News (since I live on the Peninsula after all).

Date Night Ideas in Hampton and Newport News

Drive over to City Center at Oyster Point and take a stroll around the fountain. Nathan proposed to me here many years ago, so it has a special place in my heart. Once you're done walking, stop by Aromas for sipping chocolate, amazing coffee, tea, and pastries - and if you're gluten free you can grab a cookie there, too!

Visit Downtown Hampton and try out tapas or a new restaurant. Queen Street is the main attraction and since it's so short, you won't mind walking up and back a few times to check out your options. My favorites are Venture (gluten-free pizza, appetizers, and more), Musasi (the best sushi in Hampton Roads!), and Glazed if you're looking for donuts.

Check out what's coming to the Hampton Coliseum. Between musical acts, comedians, motivational speakers, and more, there's almost always something to plan for a night out.

Date Night Ideas in Hampton and Newport News

On warm days, consider walking Fort Monroe Beach - especially as the sun sets. It may be chilly in the winter, but during the off-season dogs are allowed. We've brought Lilo a few times to play in the sand and go on a long walk, even if we didn't get into the water.

Branch out a little by going to E-mart and picking up some groceries with international flair. There's a lot of food you may not know what to do with, so research a little beforehand and try something new. They also have tons of seafood, so Nathan and I visit sometimes and pick up some nori, fish, sushi rice, and wasabi to make our own date-night sushi at home.

Date Night Ideas in Hampton and Newport News

If you prefer the outdoors, disc golf is fun - even for non-athletes. The two main courses on the Peninsula are at Newport News Park and the Hamptons Golf Course, although there are more options in Williamsburg, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach if you want to venture further out. The great thing is that discs are fairly cheap and so is the sport - and it's pretty easy to learn!

So there you have it! A few brand new ideas for date nights in Hampton Roads if you live on the Peninsula. Whether it's winter or summer, make time to visit one or all of these and see what's local to where we live. Plus, a date night with your love can only help your relationship in marriage, engagement, or dating season alike.

Have other ideas? Drop a comment and let me know what you suggest!

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