How My Business is Changing this Year

How My Business is Changing This Year

This summer, I made a few big changes in my business. I talked about the first one last week, when Nathan helped me make the hard decision to send Willow to daycare a few days each week. This has given me the gift not only of time to work, but also time to spend with my daughter without the pressure of getting things done. We’ve had more fun, enjoyed the warm weather, and spent more time together than ever before, and both of us are thriving as a result.

Because of all the extra time, I’ve been able to make two huge changes in my business:

1) I can now meet with clients and other business owners during the day, all throughout the week. I’ve started to build my commercial photography portfolio, brainstormed some business-changing future moves, meet a lot of amazing entrepreneurs, and in general felt more fulfilled in my purpose. I can also work away from home, which is often (though admittedly not always, depending on the environment!) more productive than sitting at my desk. As an extrovert, this has been the best thing for me.

2) I have started, once again, to invest in education. This was one of the first things that ended when Willow came long, which was ok for the time being. I used the time I had spent learning from others to hold my baby, bond with her as an adoptive mother, and slow down just a little. But now I want more. I joined Social Curator founded by Jasmine Star (someone who I have loved following for a very long time), Amy Porterfield’s List Builders Society, and I dove deep into both. Each month we get fantastic educational content, an action plan, social media images and captions, special masterclasses, and more. My business has grown leaps and bounds in the two months since I joined, and I can only imagine where I’ll be able to go from here!

Perhaps the biggest change in my business is that I am once again excited to grow. I spent a couple years in healthy maintenance mode so I could be a mom, and it was perfect. Now, though, I have the gift of focused time to work and build on the foundation that I laid years ago when this was only my side hustle. I feel energized, I am filled with ideas, and I can’t wait for what’s next. The entrepreneur life can be difficult when it feels like the world (or at least, my business world) solely rests on my shoulders, but that’s also the reason I often jump into action.

Truly, I don’t know all the ways my business will change in the next year, but I am HERE for it…and excited to take you on this journey with me. Thanks for following through the ups and downs, the stresses and celebrations, and for making sure I never give up along the way!

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