Choosing the Right Designer | Business

Choosing the Right Graphic Designer | Business

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was hitting the tail end of the rebrand process, and since then I've continued to work hard at getting it all together. I'm excited to announce that the BIG reveal will be this upcoming Tuesday, November 3! Mark your calendar and set a reminder because not only am I rebranding, I'm also completely changing my website as well. Additionally, there will be one giveaway on the blog and another giveaway on get ready!

Probably the biggest decision of the entire rebrand process was how to choose my graphic designer. I did not think this would be difficult, but it proved a daunting task. Should I choose someone based on a friend's recommendation? If they were new, could I trust them with my site? How do I make sure I don't just end up with the same logo as 15 other people before me? I had all this swirling around in my head as I reached out to dozens of graphic designers.

It was during this process that I realized how important customer service and timely replies are. One designer had a phone consult with me, then never got back to me about the actual services or the cost. I completely forgot that I had emailed another designer...until she contacted me back 6 weeks later with the first response. I made a fresh commitment to always respond quickly to anyone who contacts me - no matter who they are!

As I looked for my designer, I was looking for someone who clearly had branding experience. I also wanted to see enough of their portfolio to know that there was a lot of diversity. I looked for someone who had a style similar to mine, and whose online presence was appealing - because that's what I want mine to be! Finally, one of the most important pieces was their communication. If I was going to work with someone on such a huge process, I didn't want to question deadlines and be delayed. I have no concept of how long design takes, but I did not want to sit wondering when I would see the next design!

It was for this reason that I chose the extremely talented Jacki Miller of Foil & Ink. Her website and social media presence is clean, consistent, and stylish. Her work is varied yet has a classic theme running throughout. She communicated with me quickly in the initial phases of rebranding, and I'm so happy to tell you that she always met the deadlines she gave and let me know when I could expect everything to happen!

Throughout the rebranding process, I rediscovered myself and what I wanted, and Jacki helped me with all of that. She gave me a variety of logo concepts to choose from, all of them based on our consultation and the Pinterest board I put together for her. She started with a wide net of ideas, narrowing them down until I got exactly what I was looking for.

I have only given a few people a sneak peek, and each one has exclaimed that my new branding is indeed true to me and who I am, while staying classic and appealing to others. I'm SO excited to show off all the new elements this Tuesday! And meanwhile, if you're a little bored on this Friday, head over to Foil & Ink's website to see a whole lot of pretty :)

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