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Best of Weddings

Where did 2017 go?! It felt like just yesterday that I was staring a new year in the face, and all of a sudden here I am, doing the exact same thing, marveling at how time flies and how incredible one year can truly be.

I will probably say this each year, but 2017 may have been the best year so far. With every wedding season my confidence increases, my skills have grown, and my couples are still as amazing as ever. This year I spent about half my time in Hampton Roads, in venues like the Williamsburg Winery, Two Rivers Country Club, Saude Creek Vineyards, and more. I also ended up doing a lot of traveling, from the Plantation on Sunnybrook in Roanoke to the Kimpton Lorien Hotel in Alexandria, the beautiful area of Asheville, and even all the way up to Reading Country Club in Pennsylvania.

June was by far the craziest month of the year with 4 weddings in 3 weeks, and a double header weekend that had me shooting a wedding in Williamsburg on Friday and one near Philadelphia the very next day. To top it all off, just when I thought I would get some rest, we welcomed home our little baby girl. I know that isn't a wedding highlight per se, but it absolutely rocked my world.

I had no idea how the rest of the year would go now that my life had changed so much, but after a visit to Cypress Point Country Club and then Hollyfield Manor, my fears were put to rest and I was - by the grace of God - able to handle the balance of a baby and a lot of editing well. I wrote a blog about my favorite new (to me) venues this year, but one of my perennial favorites is the Trump Winery, which I got to visit TWICE.

It's nearly impossible to choose my favorites and the more I look, the more I will choose, so this is one massive and beautiful blog post. Almost all of them are linked to their corresponding blog post, so feel free to spend the day browsing tons of pretty! Without further ado, enjoy all that 2017 had to offer - it was truly incredible!

2017 Wedding Favorites
2017 Wedding Favorites

Possibly my favorite part of the day is the time I get to spend with the bridal party and the bride and groom. Everyone can relax, breathe a little, and spend time with the people they love most.

Best of Weddings 2017

I was so excited that most of my couples this year opted for first looks. I wrote a whole blog on why I love them (click here to read it), but I think you'll see in the ceremony images that it NEVER takes away from the emotion of the day.

This might be my favorite moment all year long...when Sarah actually WALKED down the aisle to her groom. If you read her story (click here!) you'll see why that is so incredible and inspiring!

After the ceremony it's time to party! And all those reception details...not to mention the cakes! I think every part of a wedding day is my favorite part...

Best of Weddings 2017

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