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Our Story - 10 Things You Didn't Know about Nathan // Monday Musings

When I think about what topics to write about, a few things are important to me. The biggest thing I think about is what I want to write about! This may seem obvious, or even selfish, but as a writer I have a very hard time forcing myself to write on a topic. The blogs that have been the least successful are those I can clearly remember agonizing over - from start to finish, it was a chore instead of a joy. 

The second most important thing, of course, is what matters to you - the faithful blog readers that I love so much! I realized one day that I've never shared our story on the blog. I think that's because I feel like I know each one of you so well already. As my blog and business have grown, however, that's not always the case. Thankfully, I now have readers here that I've never even met! That both excites me and humbles me, so I want to share the story that has shaped and defined my life over the last (almost) 9 years. (And THAT makes me feel old!)

To start off, though, I want to introduce Nathan a little more. He's the person behind so much of my business that you never get to see, and I hate that! He's definitely more shy than I am, but his heart is so kind and generous, and he loves serving other people. He deserves more love than he gets on here :) I hope that each person reading this gets to meet him one day, but until then, here are 10 things you may not know about my husband!

1. Nathan got rid of all his social media profiles years ago and really don't miss out. He did it to simplify his life, and it's done wonders for him. It honestly makes me a little jealous sometimes that he has so few things to worry about.
2. He gets on MAJOR food kicks, and eats one thing almost nonstop for months. When we first got married, he was into Cheez-Its like crazy. I bought two boxes per week when I grocery shopped. After that it was Life cereal. Then it was Krave cereal. (We ate so much of that it makes me feel sick just thinking about it) Lately it's been cheese and dark chocolate. He can't get enough of it! I always wonder what's coming up next...
3. He always swore he'd never marry someone younger than him by more than a year. Guess he messed that one up :) I'm younger than him by almost 3 years. Oops!
4. Even though he's shy, he loves being onstage. Even he admits he's a total ham, which is exactly the opposite of me. I love people, but I am terrified of public speaking and being onstage. So direct any speaking requests over to my other half ;)
5. He can lay down a wall back flip like a pro. We have a lot of pictures and videos of him doing this over the years, on everything from the dining hall at Virginia Tech to a tree.
6. Nathan hates yard work - partly because he's allergic to grass and partly because he has just never liked doing it. He's been a trooper now that we have a house with a yard, but mostly it's because he's cutting down plants and trees and I have to hold him back ;)
7. His life goal at one time was to run a 5K without shoes. Yep, totally barefoot. He tried for some time to walk, and then run, barefoot before deciding that it would work great...if only we didn't have concrete and asphalt everywhere! Since then he has found comfortable shoes and we are both happier for it.
8. He's become a bit of a DIY-er over the last few years. He's not into crafty things, but he's gotten into making a lot of household items. Right now he makes his own shampoo and can make laundry detergent and some basic cleaners. Not a bad skill!
9. Name a sport and he's done it. Everything from 'normal' stuff like basketball, baseball, and tennis to some more out-there things like longboarding, BMX biking, and even a little parkour. He's one of those super athletic and talented people that's good at just about everything he touches.
10. The first time he kissed a girl was a little over 8 years ago. Yep, that was me :) More on that coming soon in the rest of our story! (That's one of my favorite parts for sure)

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