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Waking up daily at 6am, in some cases getting the kids ready for school, making sure they arrive safely and on time. Waiting for your bathroom time to begin your regimen to prepare you for a full day of emails, phone calls, meetings and work projects. You and your spouse walk out the door to say, "See you this evening, my love."

Does this sound all too familiar? At times in our lives, we have all fallen into this daily pattern of opening our eyes and jumping straight to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

I wanted to share with you a concept called “Time to Pamper” and bring a more balanced approach to your hardworking life style.

I totally agree with the motto “work hard and play hard.” Finding that happy medium is what allows me to be a full time salon owner/stylist, mom, mentor, friend, and family orientated person who gives 100% at every task that is placed before me.

Allowing myself “Time to Pamper” has worked well for me as I balance all these roles I juggle daily. It is essential in your marriage to allow for time that you and your spouse will dedicate only to each other.  Here are two ideas to help kick start your time together.

Option One
Plan a date night with your spouse - something we all know we should do from time to time. Make the experience even better by creating a shoebox of idea for great getaways and fun activities, then take turns selecting the next adventure. I suggest picking one or two days per month to spend together (no kids allowed) to go to a local bar, a movie, or the park. This is just time to connect and enjoy each other.

Option Two
Another great way to spend time is to book spa appointments for a massage, haircut, facials, and/or nail services. Many local businesses will allow you to book appointments online in advance of your big date night. This is a great gift idea for a spouse to give, not just on holidays but any time that you feel your mate is slipping into a routine and it seems like they just need a break and a little time to pamper themselves.

Planning a long summer vacation in itself can be a chore, but you can quickly and easily plan a weekend getaway to your local bed and breakfast for an impromptu trip. Be creative and surprise your spouse by decorating your room in your wedding colors. All of us know when we need time to get away from our daily lives, and we know when we are in need of a vacation. Our work and life need to be balanced. Life will be stressful at times, going full speed ahead, and it can drive your marriage into overload if you aren’t careful. Trying to balance your work, love life, children, and/or church into the equation can get stressful. Regularly creating time to pamper you and your spouse can be a great escape from your busy everyday life.

“Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place." Ice T, The Ice Opinion 

Take the time to show the ones you love that you care and give them some of your time to love you back.

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Take time to pamper yourself // Beyond the Big Day

Fawnne Smith is a Salon Owner, Master Stylist, Marketing/Branding/Hairstylist Mentor, Event Coordinator and Mother. She has over 18 years of experience in the hair care industry with a concentration in customized hair treatments for Natural Hair and Healthy Hair Styling. She has published works and competed in Hair competitions. In addition, Fawnne has owned and operated hair salons in Virginia and North Carolina. When she isn't giving her clients an excellent personalized salon experience, she spends her time giving back to the community. She enjoys spending time with her children and reading books.

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