10 Things You Didn't Know About Me | Our Story

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me // Our Story

Last week was a fun blog to write! I got to share more about my husband, the guy behind the scenes who encourages me, helps me, and has such a great heart for the people around him. However, it's only fair that if I get to share ten things you didn't know about him, that I share about myself as well.

This was kind of hard to write. On the one hand, I'm glad I don't have any deep, dark secrets. On the other hand, this post would be a million times better if I hit you with something big at the end. But hopefully in reading a few things about me you'll get to know me a little better, and find something in common with me. Like my fear of straws. Yep. Just read on.

1) I have a fear of straws. If you eat out with me, you'll notice I just set mine to the side and drink straight from the glass. This comes from a story about someone piercing their eye with a straw once, and it scared me to death. It's probably not true, but I take no chances.
2) Family pets were my THING growing up. We had hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, hermit crabs, more guinea pigs, a duck, and eventually, a dog. Nathan wants no part of this for our kids, so I'm secretly hoping they'll start the begging early.
3) In high school I ran one season of "indoor" track. I roll my eyes at that because the only thing that was indoor about it were the meets, and it was in the dead of winter. Y'all, I was cold. And I swore I'd never run again. That changed, but...
4) I wanted to wear glasses SO badly when I was younger. I have no idea why, because of course I ended up being the only kid in our family with the bad eyesight. Don't worry, I rocked some sweet train glasses all the way through 8th grade. (Yes, it was scarring. Now I wear contacts)
5) I'm obsessed with mugs. We have a million random mugs from all over. In fact, we even got rid of our pretty stoneware mugs just so I could keep my collection.
6) I drive a manual (stick shift). It makes me feel pretty cool, at least until I get stuck in traffic.
7) Nathan and I are gluten free, at least for the most part. For him, he gets inflammation from gluten. For me, I read 30 Days of Real Food and never looked back.
8) After visiting Portland last year and being totally unprepared for it at the time (aka we took the worst route possible), one of my personal goals is to summit Mt. St. Helens.
9) I have a thing with grapes. It's bad. If I buy them, I will usually finish them that day - before Nathan even gets home. It's an addiction.
10) Since we moved overseas when I was just a baby, I actually learned both Chinese and English at the same time. I could speak Mandarin and the local dialect fluently by the age of 4 or so, and my mom used that little advantage to get some great deals at the market where we shopped.

And coming next week...the part of our story before we met! Watch out for it next Monday.
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