Welcome, Off-Season! | Monday Musings

Welcome, Off-Season! Monday Musings

The off-season is finally here! My year went a little bit later than normal, wrapping up with an amazing wedding in Nashville that I can't believe I got to photograph! What a dream come true! While I do have another wedding in less than a month (back at the Washington, D.C., LDS Temple no less!) I think I can officially say that my off-season has begun.

I always feel a wild sense of accomplishment when I wrap up weddings for the year. There's a little bit of a break since almost nobody (except, you know, me!) get married during the winter. I'm completely ok with that, since I am not good friends with the cold anyways! Besides incredible amounts of rest that will happen between now and the kick-off to the 2017 season, I will finally be able to sit down and knock out my list of goals between now and then. During busy season I am in maintenance mode, but in off-season I am in improvement mode all the way!

While I'm not quite ready to set all my goals for 2017 (though I did talk about a few this over here!) here are some things I'm hoping to accomplish in the off-season - and I'm hoping that by writing them out, I'll automatically be held accountable!

  • Update my bridal guide. This is always a work in progress, but it's time for a big refresh before I order more next year!
  • Brainstorm a new blogging series. When I have weddings and portraits every week it's easy to find things to talk about, but in the off-season there isn't as much content! However, I'm committed to sharing good, compelling blogs week in and week out even if I don't quite know what I'm talking about yet.
  • Clean my office. Ugh. This is the one I am looking forward to least. I need to do some re-arranging, buy a new bookcase (since mine is overflowing) and just keep up with everything that's been coming in and out of my office.
  • Get my cameras and lenses cleaned. I can only do this when I don't need them for shooting, so it's time to send them in!
  • Set a budget. Yep, it's that time of year again! This doesn't intimidate me at all now that I have Quickbooks, which is an absolute life saver, but it still needs to get done!
  • Date my husband more. I have a few personal goals, but this one is sneaking in there. I want to be more intentional about the time I spend with Nathan. We can easily slip into the habit of being around each other but not being with each other. I want to have regular date days and date night and enjoy our weekends to the max before they are filled again.

So there they are - and I have a long list to get accomplished by the time wedding season kicks off! More than anything, though, I want to enjoy my time off and learn how to slow down again. Tell me - what is one goal you have for your winter season?

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