Tips for SEO Mastery: Image Tags | Business

Tips for SEO Mastery: Image Tags | Business

Happy Thursday, friends! If you're a small business owner then congratulations - you made it through another week. And that is worth celebrating! My celebration today involves another blog post to help you master SEO for your little corner of the internet. Last week I talked about incognito windows and how to actually evaluate where you stand, and today is all about tagging your images!

Whether or not you consistently blog for your business, this element is key. Each image you upload to your website is named something on the back end. These image names can actually help you be found online! A few months ago after a family session in Newport News, I was tagged in a comment on Facebook. It turns out that when this family's friend was searching for family picture ideas of her own - from Texas no less - one of my images from her session actually popped up at the top of her Google search!

This has incredible power, friends. People are constantly using image searches for ideas or inspiration. If your images can be at the very top of a search, there's a good chance it will be clicked on - and business can snowball from there! So how do you name your images?

The easiest way to do this is by naming your images the right way in your computer. This filename will then upload on your website or blog if you have that option selected. In my workflow, I choose the pictures I want for each blog and copy them to a Favorites folder. Then I rename these to what I want, resize them to the right size, and upload them.

Another way to do this is by naming the files after upload. This will look a little different for each web host or platform, but it allows you to not rename files on your computer and yet still be found through your images. It's all a matter of what fits best in your workflow.

Deciding what to name your images is a whole different matter - and that takes a little bit more work! If you need help figuring out how to name your images to get found on search engines, subscribe to the newsletter and contact me for one-on-one SEO training. This is absolutely a crucial component that should not be overlooked!

I hope this helps you with your business' online presence - if you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

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