The Purpose of It All // Personal

Finding my purpose in my photography business

Faith is a funny thing. It's one of the most personal aspects of our lives, the thing we hold onto most dearly, and something that we have to nurture ourselves. And yet, faith is meant to be shared. It's not meant to be a secret - even though it's personal, it's not private. As I write this blog, unplanned until late last night, I know that people from all different faiths and backgrounds will read this - and that's ok. Today is a day for me of sharing what God is doing in my life.

When I started photography, I had  two main goals:

  • To give God glory, and to serve Him first.
  • To serve my clients. To meet people I never would have met, whether or not they choose me as their photographer. To build relationships with brides, grooms, and families who allow me to spend time with them capturing some of their most important memories.

So far, my journey has been a gloriously fulfilling mix of the two. I've met so many people who I hold so dear to my heart. I think about my brides, who feel more like family to me than 'clients.' I'm grateful to the families who have given me a little peek into their lives for a day, or even for a whole year.

Something I never could have anticipated is what God has done and how He has worked in those relationships. I can't go into specific details, because I would never share someone's story - it's theirs to tell. But last night, I got a series of texts from a kind heart who I met at a wedding. Not a bride, not someone who had booked me, but someone who Nathan and I were lucky enough to cross paths with and meet not too long ago.

Being a firsthand witness to what God is doing in that person's life is nothing short of a miracle. Only He can take a business and turn it into an opportunity to give Him glory. He's just good like that!

I pray every day that He works in my business - not that I book more clients, or make more money, or get featured in some fabulous magazine, but that I'm able to be a tiny part of His plan. Seeing just a glimpse of that unfold over the past few weeks has meant everything to me. Keep pressing on in whatever you're doing, friends. If you ask Him, He WILL use it in ways you never could have expected.

Maria Grace Photography

My name is Maria, and I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am always excited about traveling. I love families who truly enjoy spending time with each other and living life together. I love couples that are looking forward to their wedding day because they are so excited to finally be married to.