Resources for Your Marriage | Beyond the Big Day

Resources for Your Marriage | Beyond the Big Day

I love weddings, but I have always been clear that I am a firm believer in marriages above weddings. I believe too many brides focus on the big day, and not on the life change about to happen and the journey that is going to unfold. There are so many resources to help us get ready for the wedding day that are right at our fingertips, but to find resources that will help your marriage is something you have to be proactive about.

It's so important to me that my business makes an impact on marriages. I become friends with my brides not only because I truly love each and every one of them, but I want to help them in any way I can as they prepare for one of the biggest changes they will ever go through!

Even with great parents who are still together after 30+ years and pre-marital counseling, there were a lot of things I was ill-equipped to deal with when Nathan and I first got married. Thankfully, friends and family offered advice and encouragement, and we had great books to reference when we got stuck or couldn't resolve an argument.

In light of that, I want to pass on some of my favorite resources to you! Whether you are dating, engaged, a newlywed, or have been married for years, these books can only help you in your journey to and through marriage. I would even recommend that single ladies (and gentlemen!) read these books and resources as a way to prepare for what's to come. So without further ado, I hope these are all helpful beyond your wedding day.

Resources to Help Your Marriage Flourish | Beyond the Big Day

The 5 Love Languages
Ask anyone - one of the hardest part of
marriage is effective communication. This book will help you understand what your spouse needs, why they need it, and how you can love your way to a happy, healthy marriage.

Beyond the Big Day
With the help of friends, family, and wedding professionals, I created a blog series
specifically designed to help couples in any stage of their relationship. From finances to
expectations and more, there are 12 weeks of topics that will help you better your marriage.

Resources to Help Your Marriage Flourish | Beyond the Big Day

This Momentary Marriage
Written from a Christian perspective, this book will help you navigate the fundamentals of marriage, faith, and how to live in
harmony with each other forever.

Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts
One of the best books that Nathan and I read before getting married, it will guide you through decisions and elements of your life together that you may not have even thought about yet.

So what did I miss? What marriage resources have you found to be helpful in your life?

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