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My Newest Addition to the (Lens) Family

The farther I get into my business (it's been over 5 years now!), the fewer equipment purchases I need to make. I have a great list of reliable and high-quality gear, so adding to the arsenal comes slower than it did at the beginning when I was first purchasing and upgrading everything. Last year was the year of lighting equipment, but this has become the year of the 24mm lens - and I am officially obsessed!

24mm Sigma Lens

Honestly, it's hard for me to justify buying anything, whether personally or in my business. I toss the idea back and forth for months or longer because I don't want to regret my purchases. I want them to be worth it, both for me and my clients, so I know my money went somewhere worthwhile. For a long time I survived with only a 35mm lens for wide-angle views but over time, I realized I needed to add a little variety and be more versatile as I shared with Nathan and increasingly began to leave him alone while the guys got ready. The truth is, he got so good that I didn't need to be there - but oftentimes my lens did, and that created an issue!

James Monroe Highland Wedding

I realized I needed to avoid potential problems and I purchased the newest addition to my lens family - a 24mm Sigma Lens. I won't get into all the technical details, but I love the difference this makes, especially in our getting ready and reception images. I even pulled it out during bride and groom portraits soon after I got it, because there was an epic tree that needed to be included - and not much room to step back!

I'm excited to serve my clients so much better in the future with this lens and every other purchase I thoughtfully, carefully, and sometimes-too-slowly make. And these images are just a preview of what I've been able to do with this single decision thus far!

24mm Sigma Lens

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My name is Maria, and I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am always excited about traveling. I love families who truly enjoy spending time with each other and living life together. I love couples that are looking forward to their wedding day because they are so excited to finally be married to.