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My Big Dreams for 2017

Right now is one of those rare times when I'm ignoring my to-do list for something much more fun. Last year my big dream was to go full time with my business, and lo and behold it happened this February! Some days I honestly still look around and feel like I'm dreaming because I get to work from home with my puppy, have coffee with friends when I want, and visit family during the week when it's slow season. Everyone has bad days, but I wouldn't trade this for the world.

Did I ever think this would happen? Yes and no. It felt too big, but I know how ambitious I am so I knew there was a possibility. Speaking it out loud was terrifying and thrilling, so now I want to jump into the rest of 2016 with my big dreams for next year in mind. Without further ado, here's what I would LOVE to make happen for next year!

1) I want to photograph a wedding in Europe. I could get more specific (Italy and Iceland are at the top of my list) but really - I would take anywhere in Europe in a heartbeat. I would even settle for an anniversary or engagement know, if I had to ;)

2) I want to photograph an Indian wedding. Because I grew up overseas I have a deep love and appreciation for cultures that are not my own. The biggest example of this in my world is an Indian wedding, with multiple day celebrations and traditions I have never even heard of. I would absolutely love to be a part of one!

3) I want to be busy enough to hire an assistant. I love small businesses. I love giving back. I would love to take someone on next year and teach them about the wedding industry and photography in general, then launch them on their way to being a small business owner of their own - whether a photographer or something else entirely!

4) I want to rent a studio space. I absolutely love working from home, so my goal is not to work away from home. Instead it's to have a space where I can meet clients (whether SEO training clients, potential brides, or families who have booked a session with me) so I can have a professional, well-decorated space outside my home.

5) I want to take a few weeks off and travel. Maybe this could be combined with my European wedding, or maybe I could just explore the West Coast some more! Either way I would love a few weeks of solitary traveling to a place I've never been before. I love adventure, I love visiting new places, and I love exploring the world.

So there it is. My big, scary dreams, written down for the world to see. I am both terrified to hit publish and excited to see some of them come true next year. Here's to finishing out the year strong and launching into 2017 with ambition and abandon!

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My name is Maria, and I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am always excited about traveling. I love families who truly enjoy spending time with each other and living life together. I love couples that are looking forward to their wedding day because they are so excited to finally be married to.