Cory & Mae // Fairfax Hall, Waynesboro Wedding Photographer

It's not often that I sit here, staring at a blog about to be written, completely unsure of what to write. I think I summed up most of my feelings about my sister getting married in my maid of honor speech (which you can read by clicking here). It's so hard to believe that Cory and Mae were married just under two weeks ago, and yet they have already started a beautiful life together.

He met Mae at work, but it took a long, long time for the two to finally get together. Their halfway-serious joke is that their first date was in a Walmart parking lot, where they met to talk and just kept the conversation going. Over time, they both realized that their feelings beyond friendship were mutual, and they began dating just over a year ago.

Cory instantly became part of our family. That first year he spent the holidays with us, I thought for sure we wouldn't see him again - it gets crazy around Christmas! But he kept coming back, time and time again, because of his love and devotion for Mae. By the time the summer came around, when Cory called me because he was trying to pick out an engagement ring, I was not surprised in any way that they were about to start their journey into marriage. When Cory and Mae finally met at the altar on November 9th, they were more than ready. 

Cory, welcome to the family. I have considered you my brother for much longer than these past few weeks, and I'm just excited it's official. I have no doubt that you will love, cherish, and honor my sister in the way she deserves. Mae, I can't help but write this with tears in my eyes. After so many years, and so much you've been through, you've finally found the one for you. I'm privileged and humbled to have spent your wedding day by your side, and I can only imagine how I will feel walking through these decades with you, Cory at your side and Nathan at mine, but always, ALWAYS, as best friends. I love you both.

Pearl and diamond bridal jewelry on gray burlap
Purple and lavender handmade cloth flower bouquet with bridal ballet slippers
Chalkboard, purple, and white invitations from Etsy
Wedding rings in a handmade gray burlap cloth bouquet
Wedding and engagement rings on gray burlap
Wedding and engagement rings on gray burlap with baby's breath

The ladies spent time at the salon getting their hair done, and Mae laughed over pictures of her niece trying on the flower girl dress.

Getting ready at hair salon before wedding
Groom's portrait in gray tuxedo outdoors
Groom in gray tux with baby's breath boutonniere 
Lace wedding dress on a beautiful wooden staricase
Purple rustic bridesmaid dresses from Target
Bridesmaids help each other get ready in lavender rustic dresses
Lace wedding dress getting ready
Maid of honor helping bride put on necklace (black and white)
Mother of bride helping put on her lace dress
Bridesmaids in lavender dresses helping bride in lace wedding dress get ready

Since she faced the opposite way while getting ready, Mae had a sweet 'first look' of herself in the mirror, ready for her wedding.

Bride sees herself in the mirror for the first time on her wedding day.

Oh my heart. My sister is beyond gorgeous.

Glamour portrait of bride on her wedding day.
Indoor wedding ceremony with hardwood floors and fireplace

Mae filled the ceremony room with personal details and pictures that are meaningful to them.

Personal details and pictures at an indoor wedding
Bridesmaid in lavender dress walking down the aisle at an indoor wedding
Adorable flower girl in poofy white dress and headband
Bride walks down the aisle at an indoor wedding with her father

My dad performed the ceremony, and did a wonderful job. It also led to some...interesting moments :)

Bride and groom laugh with officiant on their wedding day
Bride and groom's first kiss at the altar of their indoor wedding ceremony in front of a fireplace
Bridesmaids in lavender rustic dresses with lavender flowers and baby's breath
Bride's handmade lavender, pink, gray, and white burlap cloth bouquet
Bridesmaids in lavender dresses laugh with bride on her wedding day
Groomsmen in gray suits editorial pose outside
Epic picture of groomsmen in gray suits walking 
Entire bridal party in lavender dresses and gray suits
Bridal party cheers while the bride and groom kiss
Bridal party in editorial pose outside wedding venue

...and I have no words for these, and no apologies for the incredible amount of pictures you're about to see, of two of my favorite people ever.

Bride and groom walk away together on a hill at sunset
Groom squeezes bride from behind in portraits at sunset
Classic, intimate bride and groom kiss (black and white)
Bride and groom look at each other at sunset during portraits
Bride and groom walk together at sunset on a hill (black and white)
Tall groom bends over to kiss his short bride
Bride and groom kiss at sunset against a fence in the fall in Virginia
Bride and groom with lens flare (black and white)
Bride and groom hold each other at sunset
Bride and groom reach in for a kiss (black and white)
Bridal portraits in all lace wedding dress
Bride and groom stand by a fence overlooking the city

And then we headed over to the reception...can you tell my niece is a stole the sho?

Bride kisses the flower girl at wedding reception
Wedding guest makes speech at reception
Bride and groom's first dance together at an indoor reception
Bride and groom from behind during their first dance

My dad and Mae danced to a very sweet song...

Bride and her dad during their father daughter dance (black and white)

...before they switched to something a little more contemporary and tore it up on the dance floor!

Father and bride dance to hip hop song Yeah at wedding
Bride and groom cut their wedding cake
Bride and groom share a kiss by the wedding cake stand (black and white)

I struggled not to cry during my maid of honor speech...we'll pretend like I succeeded :)

Maid of honor in lavender dress wedding speech

Then we danced!

Wedding guests dance at reception
Wedding guest dancing with his mother at reception
Wedding guests dancing at indoor reception
Mother and father of the bride dance at wedding reception

Finally, Mae and Cory left to begin their new life together. Congratulations both of you!

Bride and groom kiss during exit with party streamers

This couldn't have happened without an amazing team! More on this later...
Photography by Maria Grace Photography
Hair by Kristin at the Hair Cuttery
Cake by Buttercream Dreams
Venue: Fairfax Dining Hall
Second photographer: Chelsea Anderson Photography

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