Thanks for Driving Me Home // Personal

A personal blog post: Thank you for always driving me home

You drove me home last week. Such a simple statement. And yet, it means so much to me I don't think I can put it in words. 

You drive me home from my sister's wedding, which took 3 hours. It was late at night, and you had to leave at 6:30 the next morning for work. Just a few days before, you drove the whole way there, so I could relax and read after a busy week. 

You were exhausted. And you had every right to be. You were the music director at my sister's wedding. You set up mics and amps, ran live sound, played all the ceremony music, and set up instruments for the live music. And before that day, you took hours to put together their play list, so it would all be ready for the wedding. 

As soon as the ceremony was over, you ran and grabbed my camera bag for me. You found two missing groomsmen. You read off my shot list during bride and groom portraits. You held my niece when we couldn't find her mom and dad. 

Before the wedding, you ran errands for everyone. You held the reflector while I took all the detail shots. You had to try and sleep in the room all of us girls hung out in the night before. You complied with everything I asked of you when I decided we needed a last minute Christmas card picture. 

And at the reception, after all that, you pulled me out on the dance floor. I hadn't even thought about dancing with you. In fact, dancing isn't even your thing - it's mine. But you stopped me in the middle of my busyness so we could have one dance together. 

And then, after all of that, you drove me home. Your selflessness is inspiring and humbling. I have the best gift in you, my husband and my best friend. Thank you for always helping me out and having my back. Thank you for always being willing to drive me home. 

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