Embracing My Limitations | Monday Musings

Embracing My Limitations | Monday Musings

I have been listening to podcasts like crazy recently, and each one has got me thinking about an area of life or business I haven't thought about before. This has made me extremely introspective - I even caught myself reflecting on how I think about things while I was in Africa. One huge note that struck me is the idea of embracing my limitations that I heard on the Being Boss podcast a few weeks ago.

I honestly hate the fact that I have limitations. I hate that I can't do everything all the time, and that I have to say no to some things. Last year I simply ignored that I had limitations. I said yes to just about everything and, in all honesty, ran myself into the ground with exhaustion. After our heartbreak in January and our subsequent trip to Africa, my priorities majorly shifted. Still, it's hard to turn down opportunities or accept the limitations I have.

But the beauty of it is that we can work from our weaknesses, instead viewing them as strengths. Everyone is limited in some way and to ignore this is prideful and, in the long run, will cause much grief as you try to push yourself past where you can naturally live. Instead of being frustrated, I can rejoice that I am a human who can't do everything - and because of that, I can live more fully in the moments I do get to have.

So what are my limitations? I have so many, but here are the few that first came to mind - and why I'm thankful for them.

1) I need to move almost constantly. I truly have a difficult time sitting still, and I have tons of extra energy to burn. This means that in the mornings, I always move in some way - whether by going to the gym or just walking outside. This often causes me to be impatient and easily frustrated when things don't go the way I planned them. I am choosing to embrace this limitation by giving myself flexibility during the day and allowing myself to take breaks to walk or hit the gym during my work day if I don't get to in the morning.

2) Hunger is my enemy. I am hungry all. the. time. While I am fairly certain this has to do with #1, I also know that my metabolism runs like a champ. This doesn't sound bad - until I have a meeting or event that interferes with a meal. I simply cannot wait to eat. I get hungry, then grumpy, then dizzy, and I can't function well. I am choosing to embrace this limitation by carrying snacks with me and eating almost the same breakfast/lunch every day so the process becomes quick and automatic instead of time consuming.

3) I have to read to be creative. I have started and stopped reading fiction so many times it's not even funny. But every time I pick up another book I realize that my mind works in reading and writing more than anything else. In order to be creative on my blog, at weddings, and at family sessions, I have to engage my brain by reading - even when I have no time left to give. I am choosing to embrace this limitation by visiting the library and scheduling times during the work day when I give myself permission to get lost in a book.

While I am certainly far from perfect, I am planning on continuing these practices so I can stay sane and enjoy the limitations I have rather than fighting against them. How about you? How will you embrace your limitations today?

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