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Hey, you. You, who is sitting behind your computer or with your phone. You, who have a million commitments and things to do. You, who feels indebted to people in a way that brings you guilt, that makes you feel the need to apologize for everything you do. You, who needs to justify sitting down for a minute and taking a break, or spending an evening doing nothing.

I want you to stop apologizing. Stop saying sorry. Let’s make an agreement, to stop apologizing for a few things:

  • Stop apologizing for not getting one or two things done. Stop feeling like the world will end if you don’t get to this place exactly at this time. Stop stressing out if your whole to-do list doesn’t get checked off. It’ll get done. And whatever doesn’t get done…well, that can wait.
  • Stop saying sorry for saying no. You have a lot on your plate. We all do. We should celebrate when we have the courage to say no to another commitment, instead of feeling guilty over it.
  • Stop apologizing for celebrating your successes. You can. WE can. It’s not bragging to recognize little victories. It’s acknowledging that, as many mistakes we make, there are a few glorious moments each day, each week, or each month, when we feel like we finally GOT IT RIGHT.
  • Stop saying sorry when you need a break. When you’ve had it up to HERE, and you just need to sit down – and then you feel like you shouldn’t have gotten so overwhelmed, and you should have just kept going, and you apologize to yourself or your friends or your spouse. We all need a break. It takes strength to recognize our own limits, and it takes courage to stop when we’ve reached them.

Let’s just stop. Let’s stop apologizing for not being everything to everybody. For being human. I challenge you – stop apologizing for living your life each day and doing the best you can, even when it gets so hard. The world will be a better place for it.

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