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Today looks different than every Monday I can remember for the last few years. Today, I will start and finish my work at home. Today, I'm no longer a full-time employee at my job.

To some of you, it may come as a surprise that I was working full-time until now. While I never hid that fact, I always wanted to be sure it was never obvious - I spent lunch break answering emails and writing blogs, and I worked before and after my job to make sure I never let an email go unanswered longer than 24 hours, and never had a bride or family wondering why it took so long to get back to them. I scheduled shoots around my office hours, and was grateful when my clients wanted sunrise engagement sessions, because it meant I could still get to work on time!

I didn't foresee an end to this for awhile, and I was ok with that. I simply got home when I could and worked a couple hours most nights, then worked again on the weekends. It was hard, of course, but most days it didn't feel like I was working for so long because I truly, with all my heart, love what I do. During the fall, between mini sessions and weddings, life did get hectic. My wonderful husband picked up a lot of my slack around the house. I can't pretend it was perfect - I definitely had nights where my eyes burned from lack of sleep, and I couldn't believe I had to wake up again in just a few hours after I laid in bed.

It wasn't until Nathan brought up the idea of going part time that I'd even though about it. I knew there would have to be some sort of change after our adoption was finalized, but I don't even know today when that will be. But between my business growing and adoption home studies, paperwork, and more coming up, he encouraged me to talk to my boss about transitioning to part time.

Let me be clear: I'm so grateful that I was able to work full time for so long. It's rare to have a boss or a job kind enough to let an employee transition so smoothly and quickly from full to part time, let alone give me the gift of a job that I can mostly do from home (or Starbucks!). My coworkers have been beyond gracious to me, and I can't imagine being in a better situation than I was in and am in right now. I am so blessed to do what I love, to have a job where I get to work with some of the best people I know, and to have a husband who lets me follow my dreams.

So today is the first day of a different pace of life. My goal is to work while Nathan is at work, and be present with him in the evenings while he's at home. I'm nervous, and scared, and excited for this next transition, but mostly I'm grateful to the people who allowed me to make this happen. To them, I can't say thank you enough.

I hope your Monday is wonderfully productive!

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