We'll Say We Tried // Spady Sunday

I’ve learned, as I’m sure you have, too, that life is all about stages. First, you’re learning to walk, talk, crawl, and do all of those exciting little things. Then you move onto the different stages of school, then college, marriage (sometimes), kids, etc. Each phase has its own unique challenges, and its own unique joys as well.

Right now, Nathan and I are in the young-and-married-with-no-kids phase. We both have jobs which we are really thankful for, and on top of that, we are dreaming big with my photography work and his band. They’re not only fun hobbies, but long term goals to strive after and achieve. Both give us something to do on the weekends, and a ton of satisfaction.

The other night, I was thinking about how blessed we are to be able to pursue hobbies while working and earning a living where all our needs are met. And as they often do, my thoughts drifted towards the future to when (Lord-willing) we do have kids, and what we will say about this time in our lives.

Neither of us knows what the future will hold. If you’d asked me 5 years ago where I’d be today, I would not have given you the right answer. So 5 years from now…who knows? What I do know is this: we’re running after our dreams and not looking back. Whatever that means, we will have to find out. But more important than going on a 2 week long tour, or booking xxx weddings in a year, or whatever other successes we do or don’t see, we’ll say we tried.

We’ll say that we stayed up late and got up early to do what we love. We’ll say that we spent our free weekends practicing our craft so we could be the best that we are able. We’ll say that even when we got discouraged or tired, we kept pressing on because life is so much bigger and bolder than we could have imagined.

And at the end of the day, that’s what gives us joy. Not that we’ll be able to list our accomplishments in 5 years, or talk about all the failures. No, what gives us joy will always be knowing that, succeed or not, we tried. And we tried hard.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Fox Hole Kingdom Indie/Alternative Band | Maria Grace Photography
No matter what happens, we'll always be able to say we tried | Maria Grace Photography

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