My Not-So-Little Sister's Birthday // Personal

It's been a month of birthdays and celebrations! First was Mother's Day, followed by Nathan's birthday, and now I'm writing about my little sister. Time flies when you're celebrating and vacationing!

Today is such a special birthday, because my little sister is turning 18! I can't even believe I'm typing that. Megan has grown up so quickly, and sometimes I still think of her as 12 years old, the age she was when I left for college. Or I think of her as an 8 year old, so eager and willing to do chores and help anyone out around the house that she often blew us away with her servant attitude.

But no, Megan is now 18 and I officially can't think of her as a kid anymore, because she's going off to college in the fall. Her birthday is just one step on the journey to becoming a full fledged adult, which I know is going to be here before I know it. Scary as that may be, it's so exciting to see someone grow up so much, and mature into a beautiful young woman.

So to Megan: happy birthday! Our memories in the past have always been made at Mom and Dad's house, but now a new chapter is turned over. I can't wait to visit you at college, and see how well you're doing in your classes, and meet all the new friends you make. I can't wait until you drive to visit me over weekends and breaks, and we can spend time together just the two of us.

I'm so proud of you. This past year you've grown so much, and I have faith that you will only continue to become a better and better version of yourself. Don't change who you are - just grow in yourself. Be confident, and know that I will always believe in you and support you. Don't do anything too crazy, but make the most of college. Go on trips, get summer internships, stay out late (but don't skip class!). 

I love you, Meggie, my not-so-little-sister. I can't wait for this new journey in your life and in our relationship. Happy Birthday!

High school senior in a cute Old Navy striped sweater dress | Mari Grace Photography
For my not-so-little sister, on her birthday | Maria Grace Photography

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