Atlanta // Nature

Last week, I took a trip to Atlanta with my mom. We had a great time, especially when we got to eat at Canoe, a local restaurant that really does look like a canoe from the inside. I wish I had better pictures of the food because it was delicious. I think the highlight was the chocolate caramel grotto, a small dessert with a dark chocolate shell covering salted caramel mousse. Man. I could eat some more right now (even though I just had breakfast).

The rest of the time was great. I met a ton of new people who were so kind to me, I found a Starbucks (on the first day, no less), I got sunburnt in the month of April, which really should be impossible, and I enjoyed spending time with my mom. I don't think we've ever taken a road trip together just the two of us. It was usually my parents, my 3 siblings, and me, crammed in the back of a minivan driving for 16+ hours with constant fights, broken windshield wipers, and God only knows what else (for the record, those are some of my favorite memories anyways). It was nice to do something different.

I'd never seen the suburbs of Atlanta before, and there are some beautiful homes around the area! One afternoon I just took a walk down the road near where we stayed and took pictures of everything I could see. The flowers were gorgeous, the houses should have been called estates, and the weather was just perfect. I wanted to share these pictures with you, so enjoy (and I FINALLY started remembering to add my watermark...I always forget!). I hope you get a chance to tour Atlanta sometime, too!

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