Charlottesville // Portraits

Ok! Here is the promised blog post. Last Friday, a friend invited me to drive to Charlottesville (about 2.5 hours away) for a meet and greet with other photographers, along with some practice shots. I called my husband and just said " would you feel if I went to Charlottesville tomorrow?" His response cracked me up: "Sure, sounds why are you going?"

So, the next morning I left early, and I'm so glad I went! I got to talk with other photographers who gave me pointers, tips, and just general encouragement. Then we headed out that afternoon for a shoot. I learned SO MUCH in that afternoon, and I'm so grateful others were willing to share what they learned as I shared what I know!

Many many thanks to Chelsea Batey for couples shot posing, to C. Tyler Corvin Studio for hosting it, and the dozen other photographers who helped me out!

Maria Grace Photography

My name is Maria, and I am a wedding and family photographer based out of Hampton Roads, Virginia, but I am always excited about traveling. I love families who truly enjoy spending time with each other and living life together. I love couples that are looking forward to their wedding day because they are so excited to finally be married to.