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Why I'm Obsessed with Voxer

A few months ago, my best friend moved five hours away. We spent our high school years in the same city but didn't meet until college at Virginia Tech, where we spent the years I was there drinking coffee and building a friendship. I graduated and moved to Hampton Roads and once she graduated a year later she found a job in northern Virginia. I never thought we would be close again, and we sort of drifted apart.

Then, lo and behold, she and her husband got a job in Norfolk, Virginia. I was beside myself with joy. For the last three-ish years I have gotten to live only 30 minutes away from her, and it has been wonderful. We have seen each other change and grow so much, and her friendship is priceless to me.

And then it happened. Another job came up, and long story short in July I said goodbye to her once again. I think it would have wrecked me, but my mind was so occupied with bringing home a new baby that I often didn't think about it until my head hit the pillow at night - and then I would fall apart. We knew we would stay in touch, but long distance relationships are difficult. Phone calls are hard with conflicting schedules, and emails and texts are so...impersonal.

Enter Voxer. It's an app I downloaded a long time ago, then deleted because I never used it. Chelsea suggested I use it to keep in touch, and my obsession began almost immediately.

Voxer is like a cross between using walkie talkies and leaving voicemails for each other. I can record a message for a few seconds or 15 minutes whenever I have a minute to spare. If I get interrupted it's no big deal - I'll just circle back later and it's like I never stopped. I can chat in the car, while I'm editing...the list goes on.

Not only is it convenient, but there is something so wonderful and personal about hearing your friend's voice instead of reading what they have to say. I almost feel like I'm in the same room with her again, which does my heart so much good. She's not the only one I talk to, either, and it's been an incredible way to actually have relationships that grow and flourish without hopping on social media.

I am such a huge proponent of relationship building and offline contact, and Voxer is perfect for that. I feel like I have my best friend back in Hampton Roads, and a whole window of opportunity opened up to build on friendships that can easily grow stagnant. If you're on Voxer, talk to me (I'm obsessed!) and if you're not, download it and give it a try now!

PS It's free :)

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