Why I Didn't Choose a Mac | Monday Musings

Why I Didn't Choose a Mac | Monday Musings

As the title of this blog suggests, I recently picked up a fancy new computer for my business - in fact, I'm typing on it right now! I knew for awhile that I needed to purchase a laptop, but I spent awhile agonizing over my decision. In my heart of hearts I wanted to buy a Mac - they are so pretty, I love how they work, and they are almost industry standard for photographers. I almost felt out of place for considering a Windows computer.

Now that Nathan is working more for my business, I consulted him for advice. I asked him to put together a side-by-side comparison of a few different laptops so I could see what my options were. He did a wonderful job of showing the tech specifications vs the display capabilities, all compared with the price. I know he is biased (he does work in the IT field and fix computers for people in his spare time), but numbers don't lie - however much I love the idea of buying Apple, I quickly saw that I could get a comparable machine for a much lower price tag that would be a lot easier to fix or upgrade.

For those techie people who are interested, here are a few facts to compare...and yes, my sweet husband put this whole spec sheet together. Can you tell he's a computer expert? (click the image to enlarge)

In the end, I purchased an upgraded Dell XPS 15 9550 at Nathan's recommendation. And so far, I love it! The operating system is lightning fast, the infinity edge screen looks classy and chic, and I know I have a reliable machine that will last a long time. After I placed the order and before my laptop came I had some doubts and second thoughts, but now that it's here I know I made the right decision.

Ultimately, it came down to what I thought was the best choice for my business versus what everyone else was doing. While I think there is wisdom in looking at industry norms, I also know how important it is to not get caught up in what everyone else is doing just because they're doing it. And even more than the price tag, tech specs, or anything else, that is why I didn't choose a Mac.

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