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Where We Are Today

It's always a little bittersweet to write the last blog in a series, and I can't believe this one is coming to an end! It's been amazing to share our story, from the highest joys to the hardest struggles, and have so many come along for the journey. It's also incredibly hard to believe that we have been dating for over six years and will celebrate our five year wedding anniversary this January. Time flies!

So the past six years brings us to where we are now. Thankfully, while life is not perfect and there are still struggles all of us will face every day, this year so far has been one of relative peace. The biggest changes happened at the beginning of 2015 when I made the leap full-forced into photography and Nathan switched jobs and applied to seminary at Southeastern Baptist Theological (online).

While some of you may have known that, I have two announcements for today's blog! I thought it was appropriate to wrap up with some of the happiest news I've had in a few months.

The first big thing has to do with our business. I realized the other day that I haven't officially announced it, but Nathan is now my second shooter at ALL my weddings! He first got his feet wet last December and absolutely knocked it out of the park. He's an amazing second shooter because he is willing to learn and genuinely wants to be better each time. He lets me kindly critique his work, and has improved with each wedding to the point where I am completely comfortable sending him off by himself to capture some parts of the wedding day. I will always be the primary photographer, but having him on my team gives me confidence in knowing that while I am photographing the bride walking down the aisle, he is ready for the groom's reaction when he first sees his wife. Nathan and I are able to communicate just by looking at each other (advantages of being married!), and I can't imagine a wedding day with anyone better.

The second big announcement is personal and has to do with our anniversary - sort of! Many of you know that I grew up overseas, and travel has always been on my heart. I read the book Radical by David Platt this year, and was challenged to take an international trip in the next year. I knew our church was sending a team to West Africa in January, so I applied and was accepted. Two days later, Nathan decided to apply as well. We are both going to Africa in just a few short months, and Nathan will be traveling internationally for the first time! The funny part is that this trip, which will not be a vacation, leaves on our fifth anniversary exactly. So we will celebrate five years of marriage on two different continents...but somehow, that fits us perfectly.

So here we are today, thankful for the last few years and where we came from, and looking forward to what's ahead. This next year will bring more weddings, traveling, and maybe even a call about bringing our little one home. Thanks for being a part of our story - I can't wait to see where life takes you and me!

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Where We Are Today | Our Story

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