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I'm probably just as surprised to be writing this blog as you are to read the title! So let me explain...

As a business owner, I am constantly observing how other businesses both big and small run their operations. I have a deep appreciation for companies who go above and beyond, especially in the customer service department, and I have incredible brand loyalty to particular products. I know how hard it is to surprise and delight customers who are already expecting a good experience at the very least, so when my expectations are exceeded I'm the first to recognize it!

I have honestly never given much thought to where I get Lilo's dog food. We chose a brand based on reviews, ingredients, and her needs (Eagle Pack dog food, if you're wondering!) and then I price shopped to find the best deal online from a company who I trust with handling my credit card information! A few months ago I found Chewy.com, which seemed to have great prices (and free shipping!) and looked credible, so I found the dog food we wanted and hit the order button.

In no more than 48 hours a huge bag of dog food was sitting on my front porch. I was astonished. I hadn't paid extra and I chose the slow, free option since I wasn't in a hurry. And yet it arrived in just two days! Thinking it was a fluke, the next time I placed an order I was expecting to wait a week at least - and sure enough, the food was on my door in record time.

But that's not even what spurred on this blog. In early December I received a card that was hand addressed in pen (not one of those printed pen-like fonts - it really was written by hand!) from an address I didn't recognize. I opened it up and found the card pictured above. Inside, Chewy thanked me for my patronage for the whole year, and the owners of the company signed the card, wishing me a Merry Christmas.

Let me be clear - I am NOT a high-spending customer. I buy dog food for my little 20lb cockapoo and that's about it. For a company that had already gone above and beyond, I was absolutely blown away. From my first impression of their website to the ordering process to incredibly fast shipping, friendly customer service, and a card signed by the owners, I can promise you that I'll be a loyal customer for life.

To wrap all this up, I want to move forward in my business just like Chewy.com operates in theirs. I want to surprise and delight my clients. I want to make the process pleasant from beginning to end. I want to look trustworthy and professional from the first time a bride or family lands on my website all the way through each phone call and email. I want to go above and beyond for each and every person with a highly personal experience that blows people away time after time.

Here's to 2017 and a year of striving to excel in customer service from start to finish!

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