Tips for SEO Mastery: Top 4 SEO Resources | Business

Tips for SEO Mastery: Top 4 SEO Resources | Business

One of my goals when I train and coach other business owners in the area of search engine optimization is to make sure they have continued resources to rely on past the time we spend together. While I am always willing to answer questions, SEO is constantly changing and updating as time goes on. It has not been nor will it ever be something static that can be studied once and forgotten!

For the reason I have several sources of SEO knowledge that I love to recommend for other business owners to watch as algorithms change and the knowledge base shifts. If you are looking for blogs and websites to follow that will help enhance your SEO, look no further!

1) My SEO Newsletter - shameless plug! I release a monthly newsletter with SEO tips and tricks that are not found on my blog or website exclusively to my email list. Even if you haven't yet taken the leap and downloaded my SEO Video Training or scheduled a coaching session, this will be massively helpful to you! This newsletter is specifically designed for small business owners only so if that sounds like you click here to sign up.

2) Moz Blog - this has been my number one go-to website for all things SEO. There are a variety of newsletters from a daily email to their monthly top 10. While not all of their information is applicable to small businesses, there is tons of pertinent information that helps me keep on top of the trends at any given time.

3) Google Analytics Youtube Channel - there is some pretty heavy and in-depth stuff on here, but it's great if you want to dive a little (or a lot) deeper! For anyone who has ever installed Google Analytics and only looked at the traffic numbers, this is for you! There are countless videos to choose from so the sky's the limit!

4) Caitlin Brehm - a recent discovery of mine but also a new favorite! I found Caitlin on the Being Boss podcast that I often listen to and I love her down-to-earth, authentic voice throughout her blog and website. She has a newsletter list and posts blogs that tackle the very basics of SEO from the ground up.

So there you have it - some of my favorite resources to follow up as you're diving deep into the world of search engine optimization! As always feel free to email me with any questions and sign up for my free newsletter to get monthly SEO trips. Happy optimizing!

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