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The Greatest Hits of Summer 2018

Summer is, hands down, my favorite season. It's rare that you'll hear me complaining about anything because I love it all - the long days, the heat, the weddings, all that happens in our community, and the way everything is better when you go outside on a sunny day. Each summer has looked so different (last year we welcomed Willow home and I took a trip to Slovenia!), but each one carries memories that I will never forget. Here are the highlights from the summer of 2018.


1) My sister's wedding. How could this not be one of my top memories? Watching my baby sister walk down the aisle while I photographed it is unforgettable. Besides that, we got to spend SO much time with family surrounding her wedding, which made everything better.

2) All the other weddings. Each year just keeps getting better and better. We kicked off the summer at a brand new venue with Kenny and Mackenzie (the Smithfield Winery), continued onto Charlottesville and a day of dodging rain with Mason and Oliva, and continued to capture more beauty all summer long.

3) Willow walked! It took a LONG time, but by mid-August, Willow finally took her first steps. She is not walking far right now (which I'm totally ok with!) but she is continuing to venture out more and more as her confidence grows.


4) Summer picnics, fireworks, the beach, and everything in between. I am inordinately blessed with the best friends and best community on earth. Each summer our church hosts 3 picnics at Fort Monroe, which are just fun and relaxing for me. Beyond that, we got to do so many fun things with friends, from fireworks in Colonial Williamsburg to a beach day in Sandbridge to countless iced coffee dates and walks. Basically, everything was outside and I loved it.

5) Willow's birthday. Of course, I had to include her twice. I couldn't believe that my sweet, tiny little baby turned one year old. We celebrated in a house jam-packed with family and friends who know and love her already. I had people write notes to her so she can see when she was older how much she was loved by the age of 1. It wasn't Pinterest worthy and the pictures I took are too dear to post, but it was perfect and, just as importantly, I wasn't stressed even a little as I put it all together. And, just a month later, her adoption was FINALIZED and she officially, legally, became ours!

So many other things happened, day in and day out, that may not be 'highlights' but will forever be treasured as important this year. To all those people who have made my summer one of the most beautiful I can remember, thank you. I can't wait until next year.

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