Nathan's New Business! Introducing No-Nonsense Computer Solutions

Introducing No-Nonsense Computer Solutions

Well...the secret is out! I guess entrepreneurial spirit runs in our new family, because Nathan has officially launched his new business, No-Nonsense Computer Solutions. Over the past year or so, as he has really dug into the IT world, Nathan has been able to help a wide variety of people with their computer issues. He also works part-time at Calvary Classical School as their IT specialist, setting up computers and fixing network problems where needed.

Each time Nathan has recovered data, troubleshot problems, or done something else for someone else, they have casually mentioned that he should start his own business helping non-profits, small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and home users with their technology needs. He has the skills and the desire to why not? One Saturday, just a few weeks ago, Nathan and I sat down with Sarah Bradshaw's 31 Questions to Ask Yourself and talked through our lives over the next year. Somewhere in that conversation we decided it was time to launch his business.

The hardest part was figuring out the name, mission, and vision for Nathan's new company. The name is built off the premise that he likes dealing with people who are straightforward and honest, not trying to up-sell or use gimmicky marketing techniques to draw in customers. His mission statement is simple, and a reflection of his heart: No-Nonsense Computer Solutions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by providing elite services and straightforward technological solutions for non-profits, small businesses, and home users in Hampton Roads.

I love it. I'm excited about his new business, and I would love it if you would head over to his website (click here) and show it a little love as he launches! As a sampling of the things he has done, here is some of his recent work:

  • Built a custom computer with top-of-the-line hardware and software for Dani White Photography.
  • Recovered and backed up data from Andrew and Tianna's Macbook pro (after they had an unfortunate accident where one of their children may have peed on it! Haha)
  • Set up a custom router for friends who were moving overseas and needed strong Internet, even in a foreign country.
  • Installed a new SSD (read: really fast disk) in a college student's computer to make her laptop last through grad school.

The list could go on, but you get the picture! Head over to his website to see all the services he offers, and join me in welcoming him to the family of small business owners in Hampton Roads!

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