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Summer is officially starting to come to an end. School is starting (and my little sister is finally at college...sigh...), the days are starting to be a little shorter, and there's a cool breeze in the air that signals the turning of leaves, and the eventual ushering in of winter.

This summer has been so long and so short. When I think about the beginning of my summer, and my epic vacation of a lifetime (pictures from the trip are here and here), it seems like it was so far away. But as most seasons and times go, this one flew by and I am truly sorry to see it go.

If you've been following along with my blog, you've read about so much of my summer. From weddings, to workshops, to a Goo Goo Dolls concert and more, I know I've truly been able to make the most of each moment! There were a few things different about this summer, though, and I want to give a shout out to the few little additions that made it great. So here's my summer, boiled down to a few sentences and a ton of good memories :)

1) Long walks. I honestly used to hate walking. HATED it. Ask Nathan - I always give him the worst time if he parks far away from buildings and I have to walk a little ways. Never mind the fact that I regularly run 4 miles, that always irks me. But this summer, I have discovered walking. Between the peacefulness of being alone with my thoughts, and the relative coolness of the month of July, that has been a big fixture in my life this summer. Plus I get to bring this cutie along :) (disclaimer: iPhone picture!)

Lilo the black cockapoo

2) Can I just say...I LOVE watermelon? Love it. I could just sit and eat an entire half, and then crave the rest of it even if I'm too full to chow down. Until these are officially gone from the grocery store, I'll be eating every one I can get my hands on.

Fresh watermelon in summer 2014

3) Smoothies! They have dominated my life and my breakfast for the past several months. I've put in everything from avocados to chia seeds to kale. And I've loved every minute of that! Some of my favorites are from Oh She Glows, but my all time favorite has to be my banana-avocado-chocolate smoothie. Yum.

Healthy green pineapple kale smoothie

4) But if ANYTHING, this has been the summer for iced coffee! Iced coffee has been my near-daily companion. I've tried Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, and finally settled on my own as my favorite - of the Hazelnut Cream variety, that is. Of course, it didn't help that I've slowly been cutting caffeine out of my diet, so decaf it was! 

And that, friends, was my summer! How about you? Did you try anything new this summer that you LOVED?

Iced coffee | Hobby Lobby chalkboard mason jar

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