My Big, Scary, Audacious Goals // Personal

I'll share a secret that's probably pretty obvious - I keep a pretty detailed calendar, and make sure that I always have fresh content to share on the blog. I leave spaces open for spontaneous writing, because I never want to get stuck in a rut, but planning blogs out ahead of time ensures I have plenty of time to write them, and plenty of content to share.

This. Blog. I've been meaning to write it for about a month. I kept moving the date back and back farther, maybe hoping that by the time I got to February it would be too late to share. 

You see, I really don't like failure. But a lot of times, I can keep my failures to myself. I don't have to tell anyone all of my disappointments, or the times I don't 'make it,' whatever 'it' may be. So saying out loud my goals for this year is absolutely terrifying to me. What if I don't achieve them? What if I never reach even half of them?

It has to be a risk I'm willing to take. Because if I don't believe in myself enough to dream big dreams, and believe in a God big enough to fulfill the right ones, then I shouldn't even begin to try. 

Originally, I had set a lot of number goals for myself. I still have those numbers in mind (how many weddings/family sessions I want to book, etc.), but as much as I will keep those goals in front of me this year, I don't care how many weddings or family sessions I book, as long as I serve my clients the best I can. Yes, I do know how many I need to continue to run my business in a wise way, but my focus is not on how many weddings or family sessions I book, but how excited they are to spend time with me, and to see their beautiful family or wedding come to life again in pictures.

So here they are. My Big, Scary, Audacious Goals for 2015. (Yes, I realize it's supposed to be Hair instead of scary, and BSAGs sounds way more ridiculous than BHAGs, but they are scary enough to me that I get to rename them if I want! One of the perks of being an entrepreneur ;)

1) Book my first destination wedding.
I'm not picky - it doesn't even have to be international! But I love traveling, and would love to incorporate that into my wedding season.

2) Get my first print publication.

3) Sell more albums.
Not because I want to make money, (honestly), but because I so firmly believe that your pictures should not die as jpegs, and you should have something in hand to show your children, and their children, for generations to come. More on this later!

4) Get new headshots.
This is a little silly, because I could just book a photographer tomorrow and do this. But...I need to do it! Maybe this will force me to take some action.

5) Find a better balance between work life and home life.
This is the only completely objective goal, so I'm going to let my husband be the judge on this.

My BSAGs (Big, Scary, Audacious Goals)

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