Maggie's Bridal Portraits // Poquoson, Virginia, Wedding Photographer

Maggie is someone so special to me. She is the unique kind of person that has a sweet, serious side, yet pulls out the joking and funny faces when the camera is turned off. She is confident in herself and her decisions. She loves the children that she teaches, and is constantly striving to give them the best she can, even if it means longer hours and hard work for her.

You'll see from her bridal portraits that Maggie is drop dead gorgeous. What you won't see is the person behind the pictures - the one cracking me up in between shots, the one who has been beyond kind and generous to me since I met her in December. The one who is now married to the love of her life, enjoying being a newlywed after so much hard work planning the wedding!

Here is Maggie, sweet, funny, and beautiful.

Iconic church bridal portraits
Iconic Bridal Portraits | United Methodist Church | Black & white
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Iconic Bridal Portraits | United Methodist Church
Iconic Bridal Portrait | United Methodist Church | Black and white
Iconic bridal portrait | Church bridal portrait
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Iconic bridal portrait | Black and white

...and I thought I'd save the best for last...

Iconic bridal portrait | United Methodist Church

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