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How to Choose the Perfect Spring Wedding Flowers

I'm so excited to continue this seasonal wedding flower guide, written by my talented friend Karen of Aleen Floral Design, who provides wonderful suggestions for what flowers to choose should you get married in the spring. You can also view her fall and winter wedding flower suggestions.

April showers bring May flowers, so the saying goes…. And how resplendent they are!  Spring is my favorite season for all the wondrous beauty peaking through the weary winter ground.  The essence of life meets us at every turn: buds on trees, timid tulips pushing through the earth, new lambs in the pen, foals in the field, and wee birds chirping. 

As an event floral designer I am often asked if I have my own wedding planned out for “someday”.  No, not really, but if I could choose a season, it would be Spring as it offers an abundance of wondrous blooms.  How about you?  Are you planning a Spring soiree, your wedding, or a mother’s day celebration?  If so, you may want to consider including some of these Spring beauties in your flower arrangements.

Astrantia Rosea adds a touch of intricate texture to floral designs.  Small quarter size blooms radiate out with pointed edges revealing a collection of round pollen pods in the middle.  Coming in a light pink and blooming mainly in April, they give a sweet touch to a romantic themed decor.  

Spring Wedding Flower Suggestions | Astrantia Rosea

Pieres Japonica is another rarely known gem of spring with its elegant drape of small white or blush pink heart shaped blossoms is the perfect fit for your semi-cascade bouquet.  Their blooms are show stopping from March through mid-April.

Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!  We finally get to talk about the beloved Peony.  They were referred to in the Autumn post of this series as well as the Winter post, but we can now fully enjoy them as they are in their height of gorgeousness.  Some say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but if you’ve seen Pinterest over the past few years, there may be a case to argue that the Peony has become a gal’s best friend…. at least for her wedding day.  Who can resist lush, full, feathered petals opening up into a perfect ball and smelling heavenly?  

As peonies are on the pricier side, if you absolutely love them but are on a tight budget then consider using them in just the bridal bouquet and use garden roses in the other arrangements.  Garden roses are great stand-ins not just for being a bit more cost friendly, but also for events outside the 6-8 week growing season of peonies (April/May/June).  The full head of garden roses with multi folded petals mimics the structure of the peony, opening to about the size of the palm of your hand, and carry a sweet almost intoxicating scent.

On the opposite end of the price point spectrum resides Queen Anne’s Lace.  Often seen as a weed on the side of the road in Spring into summer it is a wonderful accent to for a soft romantic design.  The traditional white version typically serves as a wonderful texture in leu of baby’s breath, but the rich chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace is lesser known.  Although the name chocolate conjures images of brown tones, one bunch of these beauties will arrive with some stems of rich burgundy and some stems a dusty pink.  There are many types of flowers that come in set bunches which display a range of color, this is a case for entrusting your designer with your color palette and flower variety.  When a particular bloom comes in a shade off trust them when they call you to say a substitute with a different flower in the correct shade is needed. 

Spring Wedding Flower Suggestions | Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace

Ranunculus, Rice Flower, and Tulips are the very reason I would be delighted to get married in the Spring.  The tissue paper like petals in neat layer upon layer circular rows of Ranunculus astound me every time I see them.  Their shades of pale pink, bubble gum pink, burgundy, bright red, deep orange, sherbet orange, yellow, green, and white make them a wonderful addition to many color schemes.  

Whereas ranunculus lend to soft English garden elegance, Tulips offer a diverse use from English garden to ultra modern.  They are one of a few blooms that keep growing after being cut, so be forewarned that if you pair them with other flowers on your table you will find them a head above the others the next day.  There growth rate along with how quickly they open in sunshine is why you do not see them often in hand tied bouquets.  Tulips’ graceful curve and tendency to turn towards a light source make them a excellent choice for ultra modern designs.  Simply place 10-15 stems in a rectangle vase and you will find them arranging themselves into a beautiful piece to admire.

Spring Wedding Flower Suggestions | Tulips

Now Rice Flower, has anyone heard of rice flower before?  I hadn’t either until a few years into the floral design field.  Every spring I sigh with joy over rediscovering them as I thread them into bouquets for a fun little surprise of texture and intrigue.  Their structure of small foam like balls clustered in an inch to two inch diameter give just the right touch of depth to free form or modern structured bouquets.  Coming only in pale pink is their only downside. If your color scheme lends to include pale pink, be sure to ask your designer to include these Spring treasures. 

Spring Wedding Flower Suggestions | Rice Flower

Springtime foliages are similar to the rest of the year with lambs ear, silver dollar eucalyptus and seeded eucalyptus pairing well with the softer shades of spring.  However, there are two foliages that are spread widely across inspirational images that are best used in Spring: honey suckle and jasmine vine.  The trend towards lush bouquets with greenery spilling elegantly down puts these two sweet scented foliages to great use.  Jasmine vine will sometimes boast red or white flowers, while honey suckle boasts white or yellow blooms. 

Until next time, enjoy drinking in the lush array of colors and textures of Spring!

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