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Happy Birthday, Lilo! | Monday Musings

A few months after Nathan and I got married he started his master's degree online. This was before I ever began my photography business and I'll admit - I very quickly got bored and lonely. As he spent long hours toiling over math problems I could not understand I filled my time with any and everything I could. Still, it just didn't seem like enough.

So in the natural course of married life I decided that I wanted a dog. My dream dog was an Irish setter or a standard poodle, but with Nathan allergic to dander and our condo with no yard, neither was an option. Instead we settled on a cockapoo and I drove about 3 hours to pick up this squirmy black puppy we found.

That tiny, squirmy cockapoo we named Lilo gave us a run for our money at first. She was the most stubborn dog I ever met - when she finally understood what commands were she would often do the exact opposite, running away at 'sit' and sitting when we told her to come. 5 years later she is the sweetest, most tender and obedient dog I have ever known. I am not really a dog person, per se, but in Lilo I have found the perfect companion.

During the day Lilo sleeps beside me as I work. We go on walks together when I get restless and need a break. At night she is perfectly content to sit beside me as I eat dinner, and she has truly become my dog. She still tries my patience at times and has severe separation anxiety (and has NO clue what to do with a backyard!) but this little squirmy puppy has turned into my little friend who I love.

So here she is, 5 years old and just as fun as ever. To my puppy, my daily companion, and the one that I talk to when I'm going crazy from being alone - happy birthday, Lilo!

Image by Andrew and Tianna

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