5 Things I'm Loving Lately | Personal

5 Things I'm Loving Lately | Personal

I wrote a post a few months back about 6 things that have made my life better as of late - and I'm back to give an update! From camera straps to podcast and the people that surround me, here are a few of my (current) favorite things.

1) My brand new RL Handcrafts cross-body strap. This is absolutely number one - and I could write a whole blog post just about my new strap! I have severe tendinitis in my right wrist from a bone break I went through as a child that I never fully healed from. Last season I started to worry that I wouldn't be able to physically shoot weddings for too much longer because I would be so sore and swollen the next day. Enter this cross-body strap! It's genuine leather and looks awesome, but more than that it takes all the weight off my wrist and balances onto my shoulders. I can drop the camera and it falls to safely since it's hooked safely onto me, and I can pick it up at a moment's notice. This has literally been life changing and my body is thanking me for it.

2) Business podcasts. When I need a mental break or if I've been inside too long or if I need to drive, I pop on some business podcasts. These have revolutionized my thinking - especially since they're from big players who aren't in the wedding industry. My current favorites are the 7-Figure CEO, This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt, Being Boss, and Eventual Millionaire.

3) Coffee work dates at Panera. As an extrovert I know that I cannot constantly work by myself. Listening to business podcasts is awesome, but sometimes I need that face-to-face interaction that comes with loving to spend time with people. I have been intentionally seeking out work dates with people, especially during hard and busy seasons when I feel like I can't get my head above water. Shout out to my sweet friend Alison for meeting me at Panera so we don't have to go it alone!

4) My spiralizer. When Nathan and I first went gluten free I honestly had no idea what to cook. We ate bread and pasta fairly frequently, so I went into survival mode and made a lot of the same foods week after week. Thankfully after a year I have started to figure out more - like the fact that I can use my spiralizer to make noodles out of zucchini, sweet potatoes, and even apples! I got this for a Christmas gift and love using it in creative ways.

5) A weekly mastermind group. My goal as of the last few weeks has been to gather inspiration and ideas from outside of the photography - and even outside the wedding - world. I have been meeting with a couple people who live across the country each week to discuss our goals, wins, current issues, and more in business. It's been so helpful to have a different perspective and a fresh set of ideas from what I'm used to. If you don't have a group you meet with to help push you forward I would highly recommend it!

So those are the things that have been making my life better as of late! What about you? What have you been loving lately?

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