An Adoption Update - In It For the Long Haul

An update on the adoption process and how it all work

I realized the other day that it's been awhile since I lasted updated you on our adoption progress. It's not that it hasn't been on my mind all the time, but we are in an interesting period of time right now. All the paperwork has been filed, all the home study interviews have been completed, and we have nothing to do for the first time in about 9 months. Now, we wait.

We are waiting for a call to hear about our child coming home. It's a strange feeling, both exciting and a little anticlimactic in some ways. In all honesty, we do not expect to receive a call for a long time. We are certainly not the only families on the waiting list (sorry for all the adoption lingo!) and we have not been on the list very long. When I tell people this, it begs the question - how do we get chosen?

During our final home study interview, we were asked a series of questions about what child(ren) we would be able and willing to bring home. This was very hard and deeply personal for a lot of reasons, so I will not - and could not - list all that we said yes and no to. I will say that we do not care at all about gender, since that seems to be the most frequently asked question. There are a lot more factors than that, though, and we prayed and talked a lot before deciding.

Now that we are on the waiting list, when a birth mom decides to place her child for adoption, she will contact Bethany. They provide free counseling about what that means and will also ask her a series of questions about her child. She may not know all the answers, but she will provide as many as she can. From there, Bethany will select the profile books (basically a picture book of who we are and why we desire to adopt) of about 10-15 families who have said 'yes' to the individual factors that make this child unique.

The birth mom will then select a few books, may or may not interview 2-3 families, and will choose from there. Each adoption happens differently and some moms may not want to meet the families before her child is born, but this is the way Bethany encourages things to transpire. For that reason, parents who have more narrow selections about their future child will wait a bit longer than parents who have decided they can handle more factors.

All that to say - we are waiting. And we honestly have no idea how long the wait will be. We could be chosen by the first mother to see our profile or we could be shown to a dozen before the right child comes along. Either way we have peace. God is in control of our lives, our child, and the timing of it all. Your support and questions have meant the world to Nathan and me, so don't feel like you shouldn't ask about what's going on - we love talking about what's coming for our family and we love that you've become such a big part of that.

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