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5 Things I'm Loving This Fall

Fall is one of the absolute best times of the year. Between the cooler weather and lower humidity (I'm looking at you, Hampton Roads!), all things pumpkin (my favorite dessert in the world is pumpkin pie!), and the beauty of changing leaves, there's just so much to love. In fact, the only thing I don't love about the fall is that I know it's leading to winter!

Every once in awhile I like to share about things that I've been absolutely loving, in hopes that they point you in the right direction if you're looking for something new to try or add to your life. Between the best things about fall and the newness of motherhood, I've added a few recent favorites! Here are some must-haves for this fall - and all year long!

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Coffee
I'll be honest - as much as I love pumpkin, I am not a fan of pumpkin spiced lattes or sweet Starbucks drinks in general (though I will get the salted caramel mocha on occasion...SO good!). I do, however, love pumpkin spice and the flavors of fall, so when I found this coffee at Target I was so excited to try it. Not only is it incredibly flavorful and delicious, they also have a decaf version, so you know I was all over that!

Thule Jogging Stroller
One of the first things I bought when we realized Willow was coming home with us this summer was a jogging stroller. It's no secret that I love to run, and I knew I would need a vehicle to take her along with me wherever I could. This has been an absolute lifesaver for me and Willow loves it, too! The best part is the added car seat attachment because otherwise, I would have to wait until she was 6 months old to take her on a run!

I wrote a whole blog about this a little while ago (click here to read it!), but in case you missed it this is my new favorite app. It lets me keep in touch with friends who moved away, family who does not live close, and friends who I don't get to see. I've shared advice, wedding stories, prayer requests, and more through this little app and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon.

Search Through the Scriptures
If you are looking for a steady, solid daily devotional this is the one for you. It can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour - it's all in what you do with your 'assignment.' I read a passage of Scripture then answer a few questions. I love that I "have" to write the responses down because it helps me focus on the task at hand rather than letting my mind wander.

Risen Motherhood Podcast

Risen Motherhood
No list on this blog would be complete without the discovery of a new podcast. This is one that was recommended separately by several different friends, so I thought I would give it a try. I love so many things about it - the podcasters cover all kinds of topics, they are moms themselves, and they talk about both practical and spiritual aspects to each issue that might come up. It has been incredibly helpful as I take this next step in my life.

Now that I've shared, tell me: what are your favorite things, fall or otherwise?

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