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2016 Wedding Stationery Trends

Today on the blog I'm excited to share from my friend Evelyn of Letterlyn Studio all about 2016 wedding stationery and calligraphy trends!

Couples are definitely getting creative with their wedding stationery. It’s not just about functionality any more - it’s about style, emotion and artistry.

What you might call a “style, we call a “script” in the calligraphy world. And, this year, people are going one of two ways: very classic or very modern with a wild side. Some of the modern styles are very applicable to all wedding styles: from elegant ballrooms to outdoor receptions by candlelight to beach boho weddings. These styles can be very versatile, but there is some nuance to what would fit best for each event. Color has a huge impact on how the script fits into a style or theme. The classic scripts can be versatile too, but they tend to attract a classic, romantic couple (big surprise!).

Stationery colors are also going two very different directions this year. One way, we’ve got pale pastels and muted neutrals. I think the Pantone colors of the year have something to do with this trend (I have done so much blush and light blue lately!). But, we’ve also got deep, rich colors popping up.

Couples are definitely taking these deeper colors more as accents instead of over-saturating (pun-intended!) their stationery. Think white envelopes with black calligraphy and a brush stroke of deep purple. In fact, those brush stroke elements and gradient colors are coming up A LOT too. I love it because it makes each and every piece even more unique.

In either case, partnering up with neutrals is a must. With any design: too many colors can be overwhelming. It’s like 18 puppies competing for your attention - they’re all so wonderful but you just can’t figure out who to pick and so you just get dizzy.

Metallic colors are still huge. And, while gold definitely isn’t going anywhere, copper and rose gold are becoming increasingly popular. Big time requests: copper paint marker on unique materials for wedding  place cards.

Unique Materials
I have been doing a ton of hand-lettering on unique materials the last several months. From navy on pearlescent chargers, to copper on oyster shells, white on slate slabs and glass panes galore. Couples and wedding designers alike are eating up the paint-marker trend. I always warn my clients that although these markers will usually come off of any non-porous surface, there is always a chance that they’ll stain if it's left on too long.

Another material that is in vogue this year: hand made paper. Sometimes, this stuff can be tough to calligraph on, but its texture and feel is so worth the trouble. Everyone loves the rough edges of these materials (we call them deckled edges). But, if you can’t do hand-made paper, you can get a similar texture by hand-tearing any kind of paper.

**If you are hiring a calligrapher, we would greatly appreciate you asking us about recommended sources for paper - some take pen and ink much better than others!

2016 Wedding Stationery Trends

Design Motifs
As I mentioned before, swashes of colors are huge. Hand-painted textures and patterns are over-running my instagram feed, but I am not complaining one bit. And, hand-drawn or hand-painted floral motifs are simply HUGE right now. We create them, scan them into our computer and (after some work finessing everything) voila: a reusable motif for your stationery.

Maps are still big, and are another a great way to incorporate those little motifs and drawings. A drawing of the ceremony and reception location is wonderful. Or, you can use your map to tell your love story (think a met, engaged, married, moved map!). I recently did a beautiful map for a styled-shoot and it was just magical. Once I created the motifs, I could incorporate them into other paper elements if I wanted - think menus or thank yous or programs.

I love these motifs because they are a great way to make your wedding style cohesive from save-the-date to thank-you note. It requires some extra planning, but it is SO worth it.

Letterlyn Studio

Hey there! I am the owner, designer and calligrapher behind Letterlyn Studio. I create hand-crafted stationery that tells the unique story and style of your event. I specialize in hand-drawn elements, ethereal calligraphy and unique materials. If you have any questions about stationery, be sure to send me an email at letterlynstudio@gmail.com,  reach out on instagram (@letterlyn) or sign up for my newsletter, where you’ll get some seriously amazing stationery design and etiquette.

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