Our Home Study is Scheduled! // Adoption

Well, I promised that I would update you on any and all adoption news, and our next step is here! We sent in the countless mounds of home study paperwork in October. Four months ago...and it seems like forever! We have been waiting for a call back to schedule the actual home study, as that is our next step before being officially put on the waiting list. I did a double take yesterday when my phone buzzed and the number said Bethany Christian Services. My heart jumped a little, because I knew what was coming.

The actual home study is split into three different parts. The first is when the social worker visits our home initially. She'll answer our questions, as well as go through our house and tell us anything that needs 'fixing.' This is pretty standard stuff - enough room for a child, a fire extinguisher, medicine & cleaning supplies locked away, etc. This doesn't all have to be done by the time she first visits, but if there's anything we missed we have to take care of it by the next time she comes to our house. The first visit is scheduled for Thursday, February 19.

Then, the next Tuesday (February 24), Nathan and I will drive to Virginia Beach to the Bethany office (about an hour away). We will be interviewed together, then each of us will be interviewed separately. I'm not sure what all they will ask about, but I know they are making sure our marriage is on track, and that we are stable and ready to welcome a child into our home.

After that is our training on March 13-14, which we've had on the calendar for a little while. We'll learn about all the legal implications of adoption, and hopefully they'll tell me what in the world I'm supposed to do when we finally welcome home our little Spady!

Following the training will be our final interview with the social worker. This is another one at our house, where she'll make sure we have fixed any problems from before and wrap things up. About 3-4 weeks later, if everything goes smoothly, we'll officially be waiting for a call!

It's hard to believe this is happening, and now that it's here it seems so fast. We don't have any idea how long it will take after we go through the home study and training. I'll write a little bit more about that process later.

But for now, our next step is a little over a week away, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you all for your prayers and support - they mean everything to us. I'll keep updates coming, I promise!

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Our home study is scheduled! An adoption update

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